Our purpose

We are committed to empower our organic cosmetics craftsmen (there are more than 800 in France) by helping them to be more accessible and closer to consumers AND businesses looking for organic, healthy and high quality beauty products - but having difficulties finding them.

We want to reconcile an abundant but inaccessible offer in traditional distribution channels with a fast-growing demand that has accelerated over the last three years and even more since lockdown.

Thus, we promote in our website an entire sector - our organic cosmetics makers - and we contribute to preserve employment in France. We want to promote diversity and high quality alternative products to consumers, where 7 large international groups control 90% of the cosmetics market. 


Our commitments

We ban controversial and harmful ingredients, whether they are carcinogenic, endocrine disruptors... We ensure products do not contain parabens, silicones, PEGs, Phthalates, mineral oils, or even synthetic fragrances ... 

We find high quality, local products, made with love and respect for the terroirs, among many French manufacturers. Authenticity, Quality and Delight are the driving forces behind our selection. 

We also bring particular importance to artisans who have received the Cosmos Organic label, the Nature & Progrès mention or the Slow Cosmétique mention.

Finally, you can find in our blog the right cosmetics for your skin. You can have all the informations to easily swap for zero waste cosmetics, and have a more responsible, eco friendly way of life.


Our Craftsmen

Between our suppliers and us, it's a story of trust, love and emotion!

We are delighted to share with you their history and their traditional craftsmanship expertise, which has often existed for several generations. This is why this website is dedicated to them: we want these pages to be their space for expression! We have all met them and are so proud to show their know-how!


Isabelle, the Founder

Because everyone deserves to have access to natural and healthy cosmetics!

I created Mes Cosmétiques Français to help our French cosmetic artisans to be more accessible and provide high quality alternative products to consumers.

The idea started with a problem that I encountered on a daily basis when I had my children. We start to eat organic, we are interested in the food chain, and the next step is to know what to put on the skin. When you have kids, you quickly become aware of the problem of preservatives and endocrine disruptors in our creams and shower gels. And then we also want to support local producers. There are so many of them!

Today, people are ready to use organic and natural cosmetics free of petrochemicals. The demand is real, it is more than 2 out of 3 women in 2019!

As for the offer, it is abundant. But inaccessible. Who would accept low-volume manufacturers in supermarket aisles rather than well-known behemoths or their own brands?

So I decided to do it for them. To maintain our local ecosystems and the well-being of consumers. 

Finally, I set up the company in the Var. In line with the values of the company, I also want to contribute to the region's economic growth and create jobs. For me, the icing on the cake is to combine professional convictions and personal well-being : what better way than to offer your children a life in the countryside and to live the life of the village? What characterizes France so much! And that we may have lost sight of a little.