Our organic makeup and well-being advice for New Year's Eve ✨🥳

If 2020 was a complicated year, we want to end it in style ⭐️.
Here are our tips for a special holiday make-up: because looking beautiful on New Year's Eve will always be a pleasure✨🥳 !


To start : Prepare your skin 🌸

Gently exfoliate your face one or two days before New Year's Eve with the Fairy Secrets Moisturizing Scrub.

Gommage hydratant DIY - Éclat du teint - Secrets des Fées - 2 doses x 4 gr

Smooth your skin and apply a good-looking oil, a nourishing treatment or a night balm such as Phytema Radiant Glow Serum where the Florame thirst-quenching face concentrate

Sérum Mine Radieuse - Anti-âge - Phytema - 30 mL Concentré visage désaltérant 


On New Year's Eve, boost the radiance of your complexion with a minute treatment like Fairy Secret Moisturizing Mask or Secret of the Fairies Radiance Boost Mask

Masque Hydratant DIY - Repulpant - Secrets des Fées - 2 doses x 4,5 gr
Masque Fraîcheur DIY - Coup d'éclat - Secrets des Fées - 2 doses x 8 gr 


Next: take care of your complexion ✨

To have a radiant complexion, we have selected three treatments to choose from: 

The  Glitter cream Atelier Sainte Victoire which moisturizes and leaves a delicious pearly and natural look on your skin.

Crème visage pailletée effet nacré - Peau sèche - Atelier Sainte Victoire - 30 mL

The BB Creme Phytema, which comes in 2 shades, mattifies the complexion and leaves a powdery appearance.

BB Crème Peau Parfaite - Beige Hâlé 02 - Toute peau - Phytema - 30 mL


The Poudre Claret Cosmetics with rice bran and bamboo, which comes in 3 shades: golden beige, sand beige or light beige: it will set your complexion leaving the skin very soft.

Poudre libre BEIGE CLAIR - Toute peau - Claret Cosmetics - 15 gr
Poudre libre BEIGE SABLE - Toute peau - Claret Cosmetics - 15 gr
 Poudre libre BEIGE DORE - Toute peau - Claret Cosmetics - 15 gr

Finally: highlight your eyes and lips💄

Give some glow with Claret Cosmetics eyeshadow for a guaranteed glitter effect! Our tip: fix the glitter with a drop of serum, or a little beeswax or day cream because the product is a raw powder.

Ombre à paupières OR - Toute peau - Claret Cosmetics - 1,4 gr
Ombre à paupières BROWNIE - Toute peau - Claret Cosmetics - 1,4 gr


Lengthen your eyelashes with the mascara Lady Green black or burgundy brown which has a very pleasant sheathing effect.

Mascara volume bio - allonge les cils - noir - Lady Green - 9 mL
Mascara soin volume Bio - Bourgogne - Lady Green


To discreetly enhance the tint of your cheeks or lips, opt for Belesa Balms pink burst or apricot burst. 

Baume éclat de rose - Belesa -12 mL
Baume éclat d'abricot - Belesa - 12 mL


If you prefer more color, choose Le Rouge Français lipstick: the shade of radiant kiss red pur vegalia or the iridescent burgundy red shade mat blonde.

Le Rouge Français - Pur rouge Vegalia
Le Rouge Français - Rouge Mat Rubia


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