How to choose and use Aleppo soap?

True beauty secrets Mediterranean women, Aleppo soap is recognized for its multiple virtues. A millennial soap suitable for multiple uses. While some use it to make laundry detergent, others incorporate it as cosmetics in the family bathroom. Discover the 7 benefits of Aleppo soap on your skin and hair! 

What is Aleppo soap?

Native Syria, it is the oldest soap in the world. This authentic and natural soap has existed for more than 3000 years! Like Marseille soap, it can be used every day on all parts of the body.

Made fromolive oil and berries of laurier, Aleppo soap is traditionally cooked in cauldrons, cut into cubes, then dried for 9 months. 

Bay laurel oil brings strength, fragrance and dermatological properties to Aleppo soap.

This is the case with soaps from Tadé Land of the Levant : real Aleppo soaps, they are made handcrafted in Syria and France. They contain a high content of noble olive and laurel oils (35%)! 

Le Aleppo bread 35% from Tadé Pays du Levant is specially formulated for hypersensitive skin : the cleans and protected sensitive and damaged skin. Tadé's artisanal soaps are guaranteed genuine Aleppo soaps.


How to choose your Aleppo soap? 

If you want to adopt Aleppo soap in your bathroom, avoid fake Aleppo soaps, which may contain preservatives and attack the skin. The composition of a real Aleppo soap : olive oil (not palm oil), water, soda and bay laurel oil. 

Thus, choose handmade soaps, certified "real Aleppo soaps" for your skin. 

The quality of your Aleppo soap depends on several criteria: 

  • The oil quality of which it is composed is important. 

The proportion of bay laurel oil it contains will have an impact on its price. The higher the rate of bay laurel oil, the more expensive the soap. Indeed, bay laurel oil is precious.

Although the percentage of bay laurel oil is significant, it is not the only decisive criterion to define the quality of an Aleppo soap.
The development ofa good soap is paramount. We must not end up with a soap with a 30% bay laurel content but which has not been subjected to the numerous French controls according to the standards.

  • Your Aleppo soap should not not be too fat touch. There is Aleppo soap called “the surgras”, intended for dry skin.

  • on color ranging from beige to brown, but still with a nice green heart when you cut it in half. Its natural fragrance releases a good smell of laurel.
    The color can be much lighter for first pressing Aleppo soaps.

  • And Aleppo soap must complete his maturation by drying for 10 months for good quality.

7 reasons to use Aleppo soap

1. A natural and biodegradable soap 

First good reason to adopt Aleppo soap: it is a hygiene product natural and fully biodegradable ! An excellent alternative to conventional soaps which may contain substances that are toxic and bad for the skin and the environment.

Aleppo soap does not contain no preservative or colorant. It does not contain palm oil.

Ecological, it preserves the environment by being 100% biodegradable. This natural soap is perfect for a zero waste bathroom

2. Ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive 

Very soft and hypoallergenic, Aleppo soap is suitable for all ages and all skin types, even respecting that of babies. It is recommended by dermatologists for people with delicate skin.

You can use it on body and face. Aleppo soap is soft and respects the hydrolipidic film of your skin. It easily replaces your conventional toilet soap.

3. Aleppo soap regulates and soothes dermatological problems 

Thanks to its soothing properties, antiseptics and disinfectants, Aleppo soap treats the acne problems, eczema, of psoriasis or of dermatosis.

  • Acne : Aleppo soap containing laurel oil has antiseptic properties.
    It blocks the proliferation of bacteria responsible for dermatological problems when suffering from acne.

It unclogs pores and eliminates the sebum responsible for blackheads and pimples on your skin.

  • Eczema, psoriasis or dermatosis : Aleppo soap brings comfort to your skin.

    Use a 40% laurel oil bar soap for heavy flare-ups, then decrease the percentage to 5% when signs of discomfort subside. 

The most important thing is not to stay on a high daily rate so as not to accustom your skin.

4. I use Aleppo soap for my itchy skin

Like the “surgras” Aleppo soap, it is perfect for dry skin : the relieves tightness and helps restore the hydrolipidic film. 

Thanks to its high content of olive oils, the surgras Aleppo soap has soothing and protective properties

For the dry skins, we will favor an Aleppo soap containing a maximum of 20% bay laurel oil so as not to dry out your skin even more. 

 5. Aleppo soap: a natural anti-dandruff 

Aleppo soap also works wonders for the hair. It helps to get rid of dandruff naturally and soothes itching of the scalp. 

You can use it once or twice a week like your usual organic shampoo. 

➡ Lather the soap in your hands and gently massage your scalp, then rinse your hair to wash your lengths along the way. 

6. A natural shaving treatment 

If you are looking for a gentle and natural treatment that replaces shaving foam, consider Aleppo soap. Used in shaving care for men, it does not irritate the skin of the face.

For the body, it allows a smooth shave for both men and women. 

Antiseptic and healing, it soothes razor burn! 

7. A purifying mask 

Purify your skin by applying your Aleppo soap by masque

Leave on for a few minutes, rinse and your skin will be like new!



Do you prefer liquid Aleppo soap?

Le Aleppo soap can also be used in shampooing. Essentially known in its cubic and solid form, it can also appear in liquid form.

Le liquid Aleppo soap makes it possible to fight effectively against the problems of the scalp by relieving the itching and fighting against dandruff


The selection of My French Cosmetics:

pain de soufre tadé

🌿 For the buttons and the black spots, we advise you Sulfur bread from Tadé : the combat effectively imperfections of the face and thanks to sulfur flower and laurel, it makes the skin less shiny. 



savon alep liquide bio tadé

Le Aleppo soap Laurel 25% from Tadé has the same effectiveness as its solid version, it is a very concentrated liquid soap ideal for cleaning delicate skin!



pain de charbon tadé

Le Charcoal bread from Tadé gives your skin a real detox: it deeply cleanses the skin without attacking it. Ideal for combination to oily skin!


Want to know more ? Where to buy Aleppo soap? Discover the full selection of soaps Tadé Land of the Levant at MCF! 

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