At MCF, we wish you the best every day! For you, but also for your skin ✨

At MCF, we wish you the best every day!
For you, but also for your skin ✨  
I don’t know about you, but I, if I could wish every day my best wishes to every person I meet, I would be delighted!
But come to think of it, when I look back on the last few months spent at the Docks store in Marseille, on social networks or by email, I am really overwhelmed by all our exchanges. And I hope I could put a smile on your face!

Anyway, I have a banana!
Your systematic hello; your compliments on the layout of the store, its assortment; your confidences on your skin problems, that of your child or your teenager; and your encouragement pushes me to always want to go further to satisfy you.

2019 has been encouraging.

Mid 2019 has been encouraging, and has allowed us to confirm that’You had to go !
Promote all these fabulous cosmetic artisans who manufacture natural, organic skincare treasures with a reduced carbon footprint: this is the mission of Mes Cosmétiques Français 🇨🇵.
That of giving them all the visibility they deserve against the 7 big monsters which hold 90% of the market ... Yes, you read that right. Without wanting to scare you, type on the Internet the names of cosmetic brands that you put on your skin. Most belong to large groups.
And yet, there are more than 500 French organic brands! But you do not know them, because they do not have access to our usual places of purchase (supermarkets, pharmacies, perfumeries and even organic stores, ...).

I am convinced that in our world today, to go in the direction of preserving our ecosystems and our planet, we need to source locally. Many of you do your shopping in the markets (it is the leading food distribution network in France), the same goes for your beauty products.

Each region, department, community of municipalities is full of artisans to help you take care of yourself. No need to look far. A cold saponified surgras soap made in Provence has the same virtues as an SAF soap made in Brittany, Rhône-Alpes or Occitanie. The same goes for oils or creams. If the manufacturing processes are roughly the same, the plant active ingredients that give the nourishing, moisturizing or anti-aging side are different, depending on the region.

Our regions have talent, which does not leave us indifferent!

2020 will be a decisive year.

We are going to open a first store in Aix-en-Provence, and are planning a second by the end of the year.
The objective being to populate local shops with a mainly local assortment on the territory. Not to mention of course that each will have a website, so that you can access your store based on your delivery address. So you will contribute to boost your local economy.

If you believe in this project, you want to set up a shop, you want to help us finance a shop, or you simply have a suggestion, we are at your disposal !

Happy New Year !

And above all that you are: Good in your Skin, Good in your Head, Good with your Planet! This is our motto.

Sincerely, Isabelle

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C’est top ça Isa !! Trop fière de toi ! Et purée, faut qu’on vienne te voir 🤪😘

Llopis January 23, 2020

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