After having completed a training course at the European University of Flavors and Scents in Forcalquier, from which she graduated with the professional certification of soap maker recognized by the Chamber of Trades, Florence Bataille created her company "Les Mains Sales". We are in the summer of 2015, at the foot of the castle of St Floret.

Florence wants her soaps as natural and local as possible. Her formulas are therefore all based on plants that she cultivates at home or collects in nature.

For the production, it uses water from its source and is supplied with essential and vegetable oils at the distillery of Saint-Hilaire in Haute-Loire.

The plants are used in infusion or in oily macerate. Cold production results in hyper-fatty soaps, rich in glycerin and non-aggressive for daily use. A soap must dry at least one month, ideally two before it is put into production and then sold.

Since then, she has developed a range of solid shampoos and care products, moisturizing oils, balms, deodorant, and in July 2018 opened a boutique in Champeix.

All its products, as well as its crops, are labeled Nature & Progrès.

You can find them in the Rhône-Alpes box and all year round in our shower and treatment boxes for My French Cosmetics subscribers!