You want to offer local artisanal organic cosmetics to your customers but you don't know where to find them or you don't have time to look for them?

That's good ! We offer you a selection of local artisanal organic cosmetics from your region with our 100% ORGANIC BOXES and our SELECTION OF ORGANIC PRODUCTS


What we offer you

-> Organic and zero waste cosmetics made by more than 60 French cosmetic artisans and certified Ecocert, Cosmos Organic (European organic label), and labeled cosmebioNature & Progress or Slow Cosmetics.

-> The possibility of customize your selection according to specifications that you have defined.

 -> An assortment and a restock in small quantities depending on the season without overstock.

-> Wise advice on trends in the consumption of cosmetic products (based on our sales data on the site and in stores) but also on the products and their active ingredients so that your selection responds to the problems of your customers.  


How it works 

  1. Create your pro account: You can request access directly in the platform here, contact isabelle@mescosmetiquesfrancais to create a professional account (bring your SIRET/Micro enterprise number). 
  2. To order: We will contact you for a quote. Soon, you will be able to place your order directly from the site. Free shipping at 250€.
  1. Pay the order: We send your purchase order to the craftsman who will collect and issue your invoice. Payment for the first order is due upon receipt of the purchase order, payment at 30 days for subsequent orders 
  1. Receive the goods:For the first order, the craftsman sends the goods upon receipt of payment, within 3 working days.

IMPORTANT : The prices presented are the prices exclusive of tax proposed by the craftsman or negotiated by MCF with the craftsman. They do not present any additional cost for the professional client.

Similarly, the creation of an account, like the order, does not incur any additional cost for the professional customer.

We ask the craftsman for a commission on the sales he has made under the advice and connection service that we have carried out.


Why order from My French Cosmetics 

The purpose of this platform is to you make it easier to find the RIGHT products to offer your customers.

We have to date nearly 250 French brands involved who support our approach and are just waiting to be referenced by you!

By offering the selection of My French Cosmetics in your shop, you are participating in our mission since our creation: to make French organic cosmetic craftsmanship and their high quality products accessible throughout France and to give more choice to our consumers!

The power is in our hands to take up the challenge of French quality and craftsmanship against the distribution giants. It is YOU, with your local and committed shops, who are giving meaning to more responsible consumption!

We look forward to having you join us and helping you grow!


Contact us 

Take appointment with us with whom we help you build your local organic cosmetic project.

You can also contact us at: or by phone at 0647310108 to discuss your project.