Campaign for committed beauty accessible to all

My French Cosmetics represents a movement of fundamental awareness of the importance of preserving the natural in us and around us.

A movement that allows artisans and manufacturers of organic and natural cosmetics to have the same voice in the chapter as the players in conventional cosmetics.

We give pride of place to diversity, know-how and noble compositions rather than a cosmetics low in active ingredients, propelled onto the heads of the gondola thanks to colossal marketing budgets.

Why this organic cosmetic would not be entitled to it?

 Because the interests are there!

  • The consumers have understood it: they buy less but better 
  • The craftsmen too : We have never had so many labeled manufacturers in France! They are more than 800!
  • As to distributors : they bet everything on organic

But our system of mass consumption kills in the bud any attempt to make these products emerge.

  • Craftsmen cannot produce astronomical volumes and meet the quality charters of major brands.
  • Distributors (selective networks, supermarkets) are subject to the lobbies of major cosmetic brands who threaten to no longer supply them, but neither do they have the means to list these small manufacturers who produce in low volume.
  • The consumer suffers.

With My French Cosmetics, we are reconciling an entire ecosystem that has no chance to flourish and make it a virtuous model.

My French Cosmetics is the means for the craftsman to make himself known and pfor women and men to have access to healthy and committed cosmetics.

A purchase from Mes Cosmétiques Français means: 

  • A purchase made from our artisans French who work to maintain life in each of our territories. 
  • A purchase of cosmetic products that are good for our body, formulated from organic and natural raw materials are of high quality. 
  • Responsible purchasing for the planet with products with recycled and recyclable packaging.

Organic cosmetics does not have a muse. But a multitude of craftsmen who work for the well-being of the consumer. 

At MCF, French craftsmanship comes to your bathroom!