Zoom on the BioKankan Soap Factory, which makes our nostrils wriggle with its soaps with a thousand scents

Parisian by origin, specialized in visual communication, it was following the birth of her two children that Anne began to take an interest in organic and natural cosmetics and that she embarked on the manufacture of artisanal soaps in the north of the Lot. Thanks to the support of a local cooperative and several training courses, she was able to market her first soaps.

His desire : Manufacture high-quality products through choice of raw materials, natural and organic.

Its ambition: To participate in the development of the local and national economy, by highlighting the surrounding rural life of the Lot and by offering manufacturing workshops for everyone, schools, tourists, locals, etc.


In 2005 the soap factory received the mention Nature and Progress, the reference label in terms of bio-ecological requirements. This label has enabled it to establish the activity locally (organic raw materials come from the soil) and to continue to progress towards practices eco-responsible and fair.

For example, raw shea comes from the Upper Guinea and is from fair trade which develops the local economy and preserves the environment of those who produce it. Anne also uses local raw materials such as honey, beeswax, goat's milk, spring water, marigold petals and lavender essential oil. 

All its ranges of soaps, but also scented candles, are from artisanal work very high quality. The selection of raw materials (butters, vegetable oils and waxes, essential oils, etc.) is essential and they precisely make the difference with industrial products which generally consist of palm oil or inexpensive animal fat.

For example, candles are made of vegetable waxes as a replacement for paraffin (a derivative of petroleum) and therefore leaves no toxins in the air. The wicks are hand-laid and the scented wax is poured candle by candle.

 The soap factory is based in Floirac en Quercy.

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