Focus on Ibbéo, organic and natural cosmetics from Montauban

 It was in 2011 that Pascale and Vincent decided to create their own line of organic cosmetics: Ibbeo Cosmetics.

Their philosophy? Working with organic but also local products: hydrolats from Aveyron and vegetable oils from Tarn-et-Garonne, Tarn and Lot-et-Garonne. Located in the heart of Montauban, Ibbeo offers sweet almond and blueberry sunscreens, flax and plum face scrubs and many other products made with ingredients from the southwest. Something to do good for your skin while respecting the environment.

We tested the blueberry and sweet almond body milk available in our Occitanie box, as well as index 30 sunscreen, very sufficient for the protection of all (we hope you have read our article on sun filters), and quite impressive in terms of its smell. Unheard of, it smells like plants and that's new too, with organic and natural cosmetics!

We are proud to honor them.

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