Focus on Formula Beauty and its founder Sara

Meet in this article Sara, who is both a mother, naturopath, in love with the environment, and became an expert in natural cosmetics thanks to the creation of her brand Beauty Formula

How did the Formula Beauty adventure begin? 

Sara :

When I was pregnant with my first daughter in 2015, I faced the mothers-to-be issues, which led me to an observation: faced with the jungle of beauty products on the market, not always adapted to their needs and not always healthy, future mothers are lost! 

It was a click for me and I set myself the objective of democratizing homemade cosmetics by showing that you can make your own cosmetics, easily and without spending hours in his kitchen! 


What is your approach and above all, what are the values of Formule Beauté?

Sara :

Formula Beauty is a small French company: le made in France is very important to me. We have a quality charter very oriented towards the protection of the environment: 

  • We work with products fromOrganic Agriculture or wild culture,
  • We favor the circuit court,
  • Us quality testing are mandatory for each supply of material and for each batch,
  • More than 70% of the materials we use are of French origin,
  • Us packaging is made in France, recyclables, biodegradable and reusable.

All our products are of natural origin, without petrochemical derivatives and respectful of our skin. The ingredients are obtained by non-polluting and simple transformations of plants or minerals such as plant extracts, vegetable oils and vegetable butters. The quality of our products is essential to guarantee the best possible efficiency.

We only offer ingredients approved by the Ecocert or Cosmos standards.

In a process of respect for all living beings, none of our products are tested on animals. We also exclude the use of ingredients of animal origin.

Tell us more about your boxes of homemade natural cosmetics, what exactly do they contain? 

Sara :

The principle is simple, our boxes are real turnkey kits to get started easily, they contain everything needed to make 2 natural & organic beauty products. 

Indeed, we offer for example a Capillary Routine box allowing you to make your hair care based on natural plant powders, without surfactant or soap, so as not to dry out the hair. 

This box is suitable for all hair types and allows you to make a Shampoing no-poo and one mask after shampoo

kit routine capillaire formule beaute

Le DIY hair care kit by Beauty Formula 


Inside it, you can find the 5 ingredients necessary for the preparation: rhassoul, banana powder, marshmallow, mustard and spicy nettle, as well as 2 recipe cards and an educational book to follow all stages of production! 

It is important to specify that all these powders come from theOrganic Agriculture or of wild culture and that the clay of rhassoul as for it is extracted from natural careers, dried, crushed then sifted by mechanical processes. It is a complete box of which I am very proud! 



Our box makeup removal routine is also very popular with beginners! It allows you to create your evening beauty routine for cleanse your skin naturally. In addition, it is suitable for all skin types so it is a product that our customers love to offer.


Le make-up removal routine box by Beauty Formula


It contains two recipes: one for making a micellar jelly with honey nectar and one to make a infused lotion to plants. 

In the box, we find the natural assets necessary for developing recipes: rose and aloe vera hydrosols, honey extract, vegetable mousse, xanthan gum and cosgard. 

The combination of aloe vera and damask rose hydrosols meets the needs of normal, dry, sensitive, delicate, mature, combination, oily, reactive skin, prone to redness... 

Aloe vera is also known to soothe skin after sunburn. As for the Damask rose, it fights against dilated pores. It is therefore a beauty combo that is suitable for all skin types 


Our French artisans have talent!

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