Focus on 3 Made-in-Provence artisans

To begin our tour of France of cosmetic artisans, we will introduce you to 3 manufacturers that we have unearthed in our beautiful region of Provence.

Rampal Latour

Based in Salon de Provence, the Rampal Latour soap factory is labeled by the State "Living Heritage Company" (EPV), for the excellence of its know-how, the possession of an economic heritage
rare and renowned for the cultural dimension of its services and its location.

This is notably thanks to its Marseille soap who is the witness of artisanal manufacturing methods respectful of a secular tradition! It is indeed fsheltered for 190 years according to the so-called "Marseilles" process, the criteria for which the Edict of Colbert set in 1688. 

Extra pure, Rampal Latour Marseille soap is made exclusively from 100% purified vegetable oils, of which it contains at least 72% guaranteed at the finish.

Natural, it does not contain perfumes, dyes, preservatives or additives.
According to tradition, the Marseille soap cube is stamped on its 6 sides.

The soap factory also concocts a whole range of shampoos and extra soft shower gels that awaken the senses thanks to the good ingredients that compose them: Almond, Orange Blossom, Olive, Lavandin, Sage, Bergamot, Verbena ...


Sainte Victoire Workshop

Based in Aix-en-Provence, Atelier Sainte Victoire promotes the art of living in Provence and French excellence by offering exceptional products that enhance artisanal know-how and respect the local natural heritage, in particular pure water from Provence. 

David Desquiens, its founder, has created a range of natural, elegant and authentic skincare products that expresses all the power of natural Mediterranean active ingredients thanks to the purity and freshness of Provence water.

Taken at the foot of the Sainte Victoire mountain, the water is filtered using an exclusive process, which exalts its purity and eliminates all traces of chemicals and harmful biological organisms that can irritate sensitive skin.

This ultra pure water allows maximum expression of the natural properties and virtues of Mediterranean plant active ingredients and minimizes the use of preservatives.
This association of ultra pure water from Provence and a rigorous selection of active ingredients, allows us to display a minimum rate of 98% of ingredients of natural origin, and to be certified organic by independent organizations. more demanding (Ecocert Cosmos Organic, Cosmebio).

The water is certified by the European Pharmacopoeia.


La Fare 1789 in Provence 


La Fare is above all the name of a small hill in Haute-Provence, nestled between Forcalquier and Pierrerue, between a fiery Mediterranean climate and a rough mountain climate.

It is also the name of Mas Provençal where cosmetics of the same name are made, and which was built over two centuries ago, in 1789, the year of the French Revolution.

It is in an ethical, natural and biological approach that Laurent and Ketty Baussan (Laurent is the son of Olivier Baussan, founder of the L’Occitane en Provence brand) have created La Fare 1789 in 2012.

La Fare 1789 reflects what Haute-Provence has to offer in all its splendor.

The recyclable packaging is a reflection of this authenticity, the jar being an old inkwell and the bottle an antique, these 2 objects having been found in the cellar of the Provencal farmhouse.

A simplicity that wants to be transparent and honest. Moreover, the products are made with three times more organic ingredients than the standard requested by Ecocert, because what is really important for La Fare 1789 is respect for the body and for nature, one not can go without the other.

Yannis Bucelle and his wife took over the company a year ago.


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