Zoom on Cosmetics from the Pyrenees, which smells of mountain flora

In Saurat in Ariège, Aurélie designs herbal cosmetics, without water. Who says without water, says: no preservatives or emulsifiers. Interesting, isn't it? Come on, we give you some keys to understand the benefits of balms, oils and macerates!

Aurélie has always lived in the middle of the mountains and was therefore very early aware of the flora and the benefits of the plants that surrounded her. Expecting her first child in 2008, the idea of creating cosmetics took hold. When her daughter was born, Aurélie developed several recipes for her well-being: liniment, macerates and healing balm. And in 2013, she launched her brand “Cosmetics from the Pyrenees”. Completely self-taught, it took him 5 years to learn everything about making cosmetics, marketing, regulations, communication and finally sales.

Its products have been under the Nature & Progrès label since December 2013, from the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants, the gathering of wild plants to the artisanal manufacture of its cosmetic products.

Located at an altitude of 1,000 m, in the heart of the Ariège Pyrenees Regional Natural Park, the formulas are made without water, preservatives or synthetic products.


Why then cosmetics without water? 

Water is not an essential ingredientunlike all conventional cosmetic products which contain up to 90% water.

The "waterless" allows to have 100% active in the productAt Cosmetics from the Pyrenees, balms are formulated with oils, waxes and vegetable butters, the share of active ingredients therefore reaches 100%, when water-based creams contain only 10% to 20% of active.

The "waterless" means that you do not need to use preservatives or emulsifiers in the product
Waterless cosmetics are not prone to microbial contamination. They don't need a preservative, only an antioxidant like vitamin E or CO extractof Rosemary. They don't need emulsifiers either.

Water is the most sensitive substance to microbial contamination. This is why the presence of preservatives is essential in water-based cosmetics. But who says "conservatives" says "bacteria killers". These are very often synthetic and can then cause undesirable effects such as irritation and skin allergies.

In addition, to make a cream supple and light, and to homogenize the other ingredients well with the water, you must add an emulsifier. This is generally synthetic or unnatural.

Since the balm formulas do not contain preservatives or emulsifiers, they are therefore more beneficial for our skin and our health.

You can find Cosmetic products from the Pyrenees in the Occitanie box, or in our e-shop! 

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