Getting rid of pimples and skin imperfections: which products to adopt?

Diet, stress, hygiene, sun or poorly treated skin, buttons are coming and once installed, hard to get rid of. We have all experienced this discouraging moment, in front of our mirror, where we can see that yet another pimple is clogging our skin. Then follows a daily battle against said pimples which will then last a few weeks.

To say stop to this fierce fight, start already by get into the right routine.

Cleanse, hydrate, protect.

As a spell will allow you to get rid of your imperfections, repeat this formula every morning and every evening.

Next, arm yourself with good care.

We have made for you a selection of perfect products to help you fight against your acne.

Niaouli to cleanse your skin

An essential step and not to be neglected, cleaning your skin is essential in order to get rid of impurities accumulated during the night, or during the day. For that nothing better than the Organic surgras soap "Ni button niaouli" by Louise Émoi. Niaouli essential oil regulates sebum secretion while Neem essential oil acts as an anti-microbial agent. 

Hazelnut to nourish and moisturize your skin

Let's move on to the second step of your face care routine: hydration. Once your skin is cleansed, the pores are wide open, it's time to nourish it. We advise you to use our Oden brand French hazelnut oil. Hazelnut balances combination to oily skin by regulating sebum production. Rsoothing and soothing thanks to vitamin E, it limits the appearance of acne scars and maintains the suppleness of the skin. Finally, hazelnut oil is an oil emollient because it promotes natural hydration thanks to its high concentration of oleic acid thus preventing any dehydration of the skin.

Its divine smell of roasted hazelnuts gives you a real moment of sweetness.

If you prefer a fruitier smell, we suggest you adopt the Florame Mattifying Fluid. Light and fresh, this treatment hydrates the epidermis and reduces skin shine. Its active ingredient from blackcurrant and raspberry also gives it a preventive action against the appearance of blackheads and pimples.


Lavender to purify your skin

At the first signs of a pimple appearing, pull out our Stick "stop bouton" bio de Lady Green. Its gel based on zinc and lavender alcohol acts quickly to dry, purify and soothe imperfections.


And to camouflage, while waiting for the pimples to disappear, adopt our BB creams 

Blemishes unfortunately won't disappear overnight, that would be way too easy! In the meantime we offer you a alternative in order to camouflage them. After your care ritual, nothing better than our 5-in-1 perfecting BB creams which hydrate, purify, unify, mattify and restore radiance to your skin. 

Tint claire Tint medium



A gift for your teenager?  

Discover our Clear Skin organic care kit for a complete routine

This set is perfect for taking care of your skin without compromise. It consists of a "Being a teenager" micellar water from the Fun Ethic brand, the "Being a teenager" sebum-regulating moisturizing cream from Fun Ethic, the peel off mask for purity of the complexion from Secrets des Fées, and the roll on Propolia organic blemish.

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