What are the beauty secrets of mare's milk?

MCF welcomes Cornouaille Jumentery. For the occasion, we interviewed Olivier and Laura from La Jumenterie de Cornouaille to learn more about their company, their values and their products made from mare's milk.

What is your story ?

" We are organic mare's milk producers since 2018 in Briec, near Quimper, in the Finistere. When Olivier's parents retired, we decided to change our lives and settle on the family farm by creating this activity, where our herd of Breton draft horses on the green meadows and certified organic from Brittany Cornwall. »

What are your values?

"We would like to make or re-make known the benefits of mare's milk on the nutritional and cosmetic levels. We want to participate in the safeguarding of the Breton draft horse, emblem of the region. And finally, to offer products certified organic, healthy and effective in the respect the environment and you animal wellbeing."

Like all craftsmen selected by MCF, Olivier and Laura have a ecological awareness and pay attention to animal welfare to offer quality products to make you aware of the benefits of mare's milk in cosmetics.

What are the benefits of horse milk?

"The mare's milk will take great care for your skin. Mare's milk is very hydrating, suitable for all skin types, the richness of its components also gives it soothing effects, antibacterial and healing, which make it a real ally for sensitive and fragile skin and/or prone to chronic skin conditions such as eczema/psoriasis or acne. Our cosmetic range Dimezell ("damsel" in Breton) has already conquered many people affected by these conditions."

Indeed, more and more cosmetics are made from mare's milk thanks to its very moisturizing and soothing properties which are beneficial for our body and our face.

1 - Fight against psoriasis and eczema

Since the 2000s, mare's milk has been renowned for treat skin diseases as eczema or psoriasis. Its virtues extremely hydrating help repair the skin and its healing action is excellent for heal quickly. Creams or milks made from mare's milk allow effectively reduce itching and tightness caused by these skin problems.

Discover body milk made from organic mare's milk from Jumenterie de Cornouaille for healthy, hydrated skin.

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2 - Moisturizing

Mare's milk is high in protein, which gives it very moisturizing properties. Mare's milk is one of the cosmetic active ingredients the most hydrating, they allow deeply hydrate and nourish the outer and inner layers of the epidermis for hydration iimmediate and lasting. From the first applications, the skin regains elasticity, suppleness and softness.

3 - Anti-aging

Horse's milk is famous for regenerate the skin so it is widely used for fight against skin aging. It thus helps to fight against wrinkles and fine lines that may appear over time. Indeed, this milk contains glycoproteins and polyunsaturated fatty acids which act on wrinkles while nourishing the skin.

4 - Perfect against acne

It is also very useful against skin problems such as acne. Thanks to its healing properties, but also due to the presence of active ingredients that contribute to the reduction of seborrhea and the lactoferrin present in this milk comes to fight against the bacteria responsible for the appearance of pimples.

The production of mare's milk: what constraints?

"During the summer milking season, the mares give us about 2L of milk out of the 20-25L they produce per day. All the rest of the milk, so the vast majority, is consumed by the foal, which never leaves its mother throughout lactation. The season begins when the foal is around 2 months old and has already started to diversify its diet.

How to choose products containing mare's milk?

"Mare's milk, which is very fragile, must be stabilized only by cold immediately after milking, for optimal respect of its qualities. Any hot stabilization (pasteurization, atomization, etc.) alters its components and therefore its benefits. At La Jumenterie de Cornouaille, we have all the necessary equipment to preserve the qualities of our mare's milk, by cold (freezer, freeze-dryer, etc.), in our laboratory."

You will have understood it well, mare's milk is full of cosmetic virtues and nutritious misknown ! With the arrival of Jumenterie de Cornouaille, discover all the virtues of this milk through healthy and natural cosmetic products.

For deep skin naturally hydrated, discover the full range of products made from organic mare's milk from Jumenterie de Cornouaille.


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