Let's show solidarity with our organic cosmetics craftsmen 🇫🇷!

6th week of confinement is long and not easy for everyone ...

Nonetheless, a big thank you to our life-saving caregivers and all the other staff who provide the services we need every day.

I hope that we will soon see the end of it and that life will gradually reorganize around the school and our neighborhood businesses!

So to brighten up this period a little, I wanted to give you some news about our organic cosmetic craftsmen. 🇫🇷.

Everyone takes advantage of this time to replenish stock, and some have even used their production tool to produce hydro-alcoholic gel recommended for hand antiseptics. For these companies, gel production keeps the business going, but unfortunately won't absorb the shortfall.

This is why we have chosen to highlight them. Know that a purchase from Mes Cosmétiques Français is a purchase that counts in supporting them 🌿.


The essentials

This is the case of Essentiels in Saint Cannat in the Bouches du Rhône, which transformed its organic soap manufacturing workshop to produce a hydro-alcoholic solution based on 96 alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin and 'water, for pharmacies, nursing homes and hospitals.

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Since March 11, Ibbéo based in Montauban in Tarn-et-Garonne has dedicated all the production of his workshop to the manufacture of hydro-alcoholic gel and produces nearly 2000 bottles per day!
True to their ethics, the raw materials are organic (glycerin and wheat alcohol) and come from the southwest of France. The water comes from Montcalm, the hydrogen peroxide from Escalquens and the packaging from Montauban.
Gel hydroalcoolique Ibbéo

Passion Marine

Uspalla Laboratory, whose flagship organic cosmetics brand is Passion Marine, in Perros Guirec in the Côtes d'Armor, is also working to produce a hydro-alcoholic solution. The lab has already produced a ton of gel and two more will be in the coming weeks. The laboratory offered its solution to the Perros gendarmerie, the firefighters but also to the hospitals of Lannion and Guingamp.

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