Taking care of your skin also means eating better and returning to a natural diet, we'll tell you everything!

It's summer, and with its colorful fruit and vegetable stalls, that allow us to eat healthier and more balanced. Because taking care of your skin also means eating better and returning to a natural diet, with fewer artificial substances that our body, and particularly our intestines, struggle to assimilate.


Did you know that it all starts with our intestines?

The intestines collect solid waste and pass it in the stool through the colon. Waste disposal is necessary and if it is not done regularly the substances build up and disturb the entire intestinal system. Bacterial and food waste passes through the mucous membrane which has become porous and then passes into the bloodstream, responsible for many diseases.


To promote the regeneration of the intestinal lining and solve these problems, here is a list of foods that are recommended and others to be banned from your plate.


Foods that are good for your gut and for your skin:

  • Gluten-free cereals: rice, buckwheat, quinoa, tapioca
  • All fresh, raw or cooked vegetables and fruits with a temperature below 110 ° C (prefer them crunchy), but also dried fruits
  • Legumes: split peas, chickpeas, dried beans, lentils, etc.
  • Oily fish and white meats
  • First cold-pressed oils: rapeseed olive, walnut, etc.
  • Water: drink at least 1.5L every day!


To consume with moderation:

  • Cereals rich in gluten such as wheat, rye, oats, barley or corn
  • Oilseeds: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts
  • Foods made from cow's milk and derivatives: yogurt, cheese, butter


Foods to ban:

  • Foods refined and processed by the food industry, low in fiber, such as ready meals
  • Foods with a high glycemic index, such as puffed rice cakes, round rice, potatoes (wait for them to cool and add a dressing with vinegar, lemon or pickles to lower their glycemic index)
  • Saturated fats: crisps, snacks, etc.
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Cooking vegetables at a temperature above 110 ° C
  • All foods that contain pollutants: additives, pesticides, etc. Prefer organic!


My French Cosmetics wish you all a wonderful summer!

Our 3 golden rules:

  • Eat balanced
  • Hydrate yourself
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun for too long or apply sunscreen with mineral filters every 2 hours.

Be generous with yourself because you deserve it!

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