Six objects to replace for an eco-friendly bathroom

Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is the place in the house where we find the most plastic. Change your habits! Here are 6 items to replace for an eco-friendly bathroom.

Replace your shower gel with a solid soap. No more shower gel and shampoo in plastic bottles, replace them with a simple soap and a cold saponified solid shampoo. Respectful of the skin, cold saponification is the only process which allows to preserve the glycerin naturally present in the soap but also the virtues of vegetable oils and essential oils added at the end of preparation.

Result: cold saponified soaps are very hydrating and suitable for all skin types.

How about brushing your teeth? Nothing better than solid toothpaste, also formulated with cold saponification. For the toothbrush, choose the biodegradable bamboo alternative.

Replace your cotton swabs with an oriculi. The oriculi is a nifty little object from Japan. Its slightly curved tip gently scrapes the wax from the ear. Then just clean it with a little soap and water, and reuse it endlessly! Choose the bamboo model. Be careful not to overdo it: ears that are too clean are prone to inflammation.

Say goodbye to plastic razors and get yourself a stainless steel razor that you can keep for life by only changing the blade when it is worn out.

Hygienic protection side, rather than the disposable tampon and napkin, we recommend the cup and washable towels.

Finally, replace your disposable make-up removal cotton washable and reusable fabric cottons. Wash them quickly with soap after use to detach them then put them in the machine with your clothes. Once in a while, soak them in hot water with percarbonate of soda for guaranteed glow!

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