How to choose your solid shampoo?

Did you know that liquid shampoos contain on average 80% water? It's crazy when you think about it! And even more when you know that using a solid shampoo of 100 gr allows you to make nearly 50 shampoos and save 3 plastic bottles. On the scale of France, this means reducing the number of bottles by 174 million over one year!

This is why, at Mes Cosmétiques Français, we have decided to favor solid shampoos as much as possible 😉. Less water wastage and less unnecessary waste!

Very easy to use, just moisten the shampoo, rub it on wet hair, massage the scalp and then rinse as with a liquid shampoo. Once the treatment is finished, remember to always keep your shampoo dry.

But how to choose them? 

Two types of solid shampoos exist.

1. Those made like a soap, using the cold saponification process. 

Respectful of the skin, cold saponification is the only process which makes it possible to preserve the glycerin naturally present in the soap but also the virtues of the vegetable oils and essential oils added at the end of the preparation to fortify, purify or even nourish the scalp. Result: cold saponified solid shampoos foam like liquid shampoos and are very moisturizing.

Nevertheless, depending on the scalp, for 1 out of 4 cases, these shampoos can leave a greasy feeling, as if the hair was not sufficiently rinsed. It's normal ! Our scalp has an acidic PH while the PH of SAF shampoos is basic, which has the effect of opening the hair scales and having this effect.

If this happens to you, rinse your hair with a water + cider vinegar solution (2 parts to 10 parts water). The scale of the hair closes and you will also have shiny hair.

Shampoing SAF cheveux normaux
Shampoing SAF Cheveux secs
Shampoing SAF cheveux gras


2. Those made from a mild surfactant derived from coconut oil.

For those who don't have time, we have found a solid shampoo with a different manufacturing process. It mixes a gentle and natural surfactant derived from coconut oil which cleanses and lathers, and vegetable oils to moisturize and treat the hair according to its needs.

Shampoing fréquent
Shampoing cheveux secs
Shampoing purifiant

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