Covid mask and irritated skin: my organic skincare routine this winter

This morning when I left my house, hat on my head and mask on my face, I realized:

With the cold, the repetitive hand washing, the mask ... our skin is not spoiled this year 😷!

The hydroalcoholic gel and the temperatures leave our skin completely dried and weakened. It is theven worse for sensitive skins like mine...

❄️ Result: we are starting to have fine lines and our complexion is dull. Our hands are irritated and the chapping appear. So, how do you take care of your skin while wearing a mask? 

Here is my news anti-cold routine (and anti-aggression gel & mask), composed of 100% natural cosmetics.


1. Make sure you remove your makeup well

When we come home in the evening, we are happy to remove the mask. We finally breathe. But our skin also needs breathe

To clean it without attacking it, a mild cleansing milk is the best solution. With my super sensitive skin, I use the La Fare 1789 extra gentle cleansing milk, which is organic calendula and soothes my skin 🌼. 

Lait Démaquillant extra doux - La Fare 1789 - 200 mL

Softness and efficiency! 

2. Finalize your make-up removal with micellar water or a tonic

Second express step of makeup removal: micellar water. It helps to rid the skin of the last impurities and prepare it for the cream. 

Aigo Douco essential micellar water from Belesa is perfect for that, and what I love is its sweet scent of Cévennes apple juice 🍎 ...

Eau micellaire essentielle "Aigo douco" - Belesa - 200 mL


3. Repair your skin with a serum 

Now that the skin is clean and ready for the treatment, I apply a few drops of the botanical serum from So Bohème to nourish my skin and make it less sensitive. Yes, with a good serum and a good cream, sensitive skin is not inevitable!

Sérum Botanique n° 1 Peau sèche, sensible ou déshydratée - So Bohème - 30 mLAnd do you know what is special about this serum? In addition to containing plants from theOrganic Agriculture like lavender or chamomile, this serum is also composed of precious stones, like the emerald ✨

4. Nourish your skin deeply 

Finally, to properly nourish your skin, you must choose a suitable cream, which moisturizes and protects.

My sensitive skin is currently enjoying the Optimist cream from Les Happycuriennes, also developed for the eye area. 

L'Optimiste - Crème nourrissante bio visage & contour des yeux - Peau sèche à sensible  - Les Happycuriennes - 30 mL

If you are looking for a cream without essential oils, the Optimist cream is perfect. It has a sweet almond smell, very pleasant. 

🍊Bonus: You have the Dull complexion and you feel bloated ? Find out how to regain a fresh complexion and cleanse your body in our article My juice cure for beautiful skin.


What about the hands? 👋

Becausen winter, our hands dry quickly and the hydroalcoholic gel does not help matters, it is sometimes difficult to find a well nourishing cream.

To avoid chapped hands, try it intense Phytema balm special for dry and damaged skin, it brings maximum hydration to the hands and can also be used on the feet. 


 Do you have dry skin? Find our complete selection of nourishing and restorative creams adapted. 


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