Holiday meals: Our tips for keeping perfect skin

A small glass of champagne, small canapes to gently start the Christmas Eve festivities ...

A gourmet starter followed by a rich holiday dish, all washed down with good wine ...

The Norman hole to digest (ha ha ha), the log and to finish… the 13 desserts!

You enjoyed yourself, you had a perfect complexion thanks to our advice "Shine in the evening with our special holiday season routine" when suddenly the first pimple in a long series appears on your face😱.

We will explain to you right away why this happens for sure and especially how to avoid these unsightly appearances thanks to suitable natural beauty products and some lifestyle tips.


Why does one in two people have an acne breakout after a heavy meal? 

When you eat and drink, food is "processed" by your digestive system (stomach then intestines) but also by your liver, which in addition to supporting the digestion process, will play a vital role in your health. Indeed, it is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. As much to say to you that he has three times as much work as usual during the end of the year meals!

Once he has used and stored everything he needs, all that is left is to flush the waste out of your body. And this is where it gets stuck! The liver and intestines are saturated, they are overloaded and can no longer perform this detoxification function properly. Quite naturally, your body adapts and calls on your skin, which is also a so-called secondary emunctory. This is how pimples, often similar to small cysts, appear on your jaw and neck. Your skin is simply trying to flush out the accumulated toxins.


How to avoid Christmas pimples 🤓?

From the start of the festivities, a basic but essential piece of advice is to remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day but also during meals.

Listen to your body and when it says "Loosen the button on your pants", you will gently refuse to take a third slice of the log;). But still, holiday foods, even if you don't overdo it, are way fatter and sweeter than usual. Thanks to a few natural tips, you will be able to help your body to better manage these excesses.

You should also keep in mind that skin that "breathes" badly will be more prone to acne.. You will therefore also act locally through natural beauty treatments.


Tip # 1: Remove make-up and cleanse your skin morning and evening.

By cleaning your skin, you prevent bacteria from outside from proliferating on the surface of your face and décolleté on the one hand, and on the other hand, you prevent the build-up of creams and / or makeup on it. area.

Lait démaquillantBrume purifiante


Tip # 2: Cleanse your skin of impurities once a week.

By exfoliating your skin, you get rid of dead cells that have accumulated on its surface. This will prevent the pores from clogging and allow toxins to escape from your body more easily without forming pimples.


Gommage visage 

Tip # 3: Keep your skin well hydrated.

 Proper hydration with a lotion and / or cream adapted to your skin type will make it more supple, less reactive and thus more able to release toxins without causing redness.

Philtre Parfait


Tip # 4: Help your liver in its detoxification function.

  • The liver likes heat. So you can take out Grandma's hot water bottle and stick it on your right side as often as possible J.
  • A course of desmodium adscendens regenerates and boosts liver function. Milk thistle also supports the liver. As for rosemary, it facilitates the production and evacuation of bile. You will find these plants in the form of ampoules or syrup to drink in pharmacies and organic stores.
  • If you are not prone to heartburn and reflux, you can start the day with ½ fresh squeezed lemon mixed with a little warm water. Take it on an empty stomach, this will facilitate your detox.


Tip # 5: Adopt good habits every day.

  • Drink enough water (about 1.5 L / d). We can't repeat it enough.
  • Between large meals, eat light. Vegetables at will! Avoid dairy products and processed foods. You can even undertake intermittent fasting several times a week in order to "lighten up" yourself.
  • Walk, play sports, exercise, sweat! Not only will all your organs be better oxygenated and therefore better able to do their job of cleaning the body, but in addition, by sweating, you eliminate toxins naturally.
  • Avoid stress as much as possible because it alone leads to digestive difficulties and the appearance of skin imperfections.
  • If you are already prone to acne problems, you can take a zinc cure.

    Tip # 6: And if despite all these precautions, a pimple had the audacity to appear ...

    Roll on SOS imperfections

    Thanks to this roll-on, finally say stop to the spots! Propolis, ingredient of the Hive, associates its virtues with plants acclaimed for their benefits on the skins with problems. The essential Tea Tree and Lavandin, the purifying Hamamelis and the sebum-regulating Palmarosa Essential Oil make up a traditional formulation with measured corrective action, mixing a neutral scent subtly lemony with the pleasant freshness of peppermint. 


    Happy Holidays !


    Find also Ingrid's naturopathic advice on her website and on instagram @ pimp_ta_santé.

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