Reduce your ecological footprint with the ZERO PLASTIC box!

Did you know ?

Use a solid shampoo of 100 gr is to be able to carry out nearly 50 shampoos and to save 3 plastic bottles🧴. At the scale of France, this means reducing the number of bottles by 174 million over one year.

Soap with a bar of soap 🧼 saves a bottle of shower gel. At the scale of France, it is 511,000 plastic bottles per day less.

Brush your teeth with a compostable bamboo toothbrushThat's 294 million less plastic sticks thrown in the trash.

Use a solid or powder toothpasteis using the 4% of the tube that remains and is wasted, and reducing plastic containers by 190 million per year. 

Remove makeup with washable wipes saves per person 1,500 cotton pads each year, or 3 kg per person. When we know that it takes 5260L of water to produce 1 kg of cotton.

So, convinced to switch to solid cosmetics? We help you find the best products 🍃 🇫🇷

Discover the Zero plastic box, without obligation, and receive every month or every 2 months, 2 solid beauty products and 1 accessory for the bathroom! 

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