Recognize and treat my dry skin

You feel that your skin pulls ? You sometimes have redness or irritation that appear on your face? Your skin peel and you feel that she is very weakened ? Look no further, you have dry skin.

Today we give you all our best advice to recognize and effectively treat your dry skin Natural !


1: Recognize dry skin

Several signs can indicate that our skin is dry. You have to know how to recognize them in order to choose treatments adapted to the expectations of your skin. You should know that the dryness of our skin can be caused by various factors and that it can be temporary.


Signs of dry skin:

  • My skin feels tight
  • My skin is very thin and it sometimes peels
  • I have recurring redness and irritation
  • My skin is dehydrated
  • I sometimes have skin reactions to cosmetic products


If you recognized yourself in any of these situations, you have dry skin. Do not panic, every skin problem to several causes and can be treated.


2: Causes of dry skin

Dry skin can be caused by several factors, it can be hereditary and therefore natural, but it can also come from:

  • Of aging skin
  • Certain diseases such as diabetes that directly attack the skin
  • From external factors like the weather, pollution
  • From unsuitable cosmetic products used
  • of poor hygiene, bad nutrition


3: Treating my dry skin: Our miracle routine

Need a super effective routine to properly treat your dry skin? We offer you a complete and natural routine to take care of your skin inside you adapting to their needs.


A gentle cleanser

Ideal for effectively cleansing dry skin: A gentle cleanser. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a make-up remover milk, a make-up remover oil... We avoid make-up remover gels and waters which dry out and will aggravate your skin problems.


At MCF, we strongly advise you Kadalys Melting Cleansing Oil:

demaquillant naturel

This cleansing oil is ideal for all types of make-up removal, even the most stubborn. It illuminates and softens the skin while bringing an anti-aging and protective action to it.

Its soft and melting formula is perfect for dry and sensitive skin that needs gentle make-up removal and effective cleansing.

This oil turns into milk on contact with the skin to be eliminated more easily with water and find a clear and soft skin.


A moisturizing treatment

In order to meet the needs of your dry skin, it must be properly moisturized. This is why it is important to choose a moisturizer that meets your expectations. There are several kinds of moisturizers, they can be in the form of balms, oils, creams... Choose your treatment according to your preference and your skin's tolerance.


For winter, we advise you to opt for a very moisturizing treatment with a rich formula to hydrate and nourish your skin in depth.

The balm is an ideal treatment for the winter because it is very hydrating and deeply nourishes your skin by countering the effects of winter (dryness, redness, irritation, etc.)

Radiance balm for the complexion of plants from the Cévennes with Geranium Rosat is perfect for taking care of your dry skin this winter:

baume hydratant

on natural formula enriched with the very nourishing active ingredients of maceration of geranium in olive oil, shea butter, beeswax and essential oil of geranium totally corresponds to the expectations of dry skin and sensitive.


The serum is also very effective for dry skin in winter. Discover Belesa winter serum for dry skin:

 serum hiver

In winter, the skin is subjected to extreme climatic conditions, it needs to be protected against external attacks. Belesa winter serum protects the skin from these aggressions, prevents drying out and brings an immediate cocooning effect to the skin.


A hydrating mask

To deeply repair your skin, we advise you to apply a moisturizing mask on your face 2 times per week. This will allow your skin to be fully hydrated and repaired so as not to dry out further.

Want to try a natural moisturizing mask made in France? We advise you Fairy Secrets moisturizing mask :

 masque hydratant diy

The mask moisturizing and plumping with white clay, aloe vera, baobab fruit pulp, and raspberry leaf. This cocktail moisturizing active ingredients will provide your skin with everything it needs to counter the effects of winter.


4: Our advice against dry skin

Adapt your cosmetic routine to your skin is a crucial and very important step. But in addition, it is necessary to adopt a lifestyle which does not promote dry skin. Here are our top simple tips for great skin:

  • Adopt a Healthy eating rich in fatty acids, water-rich fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink a lot of water, your skin naturally loses a lot of water, so it is important to compensate for this loss with continuous hydration.
  • Avoid hot/cold: An overheated place accentuates dehydration
  • When you go out in winter, cover yourself well: scarf, gloves, hat...

You now have all our simple and natural tips to take care of your dry skin. Discover all our special dry skin care products developed in France.


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