Who says "neat beard" says "assured elegance"!

Every self-respecting bearded man should have a beautiful, well-groomed beard. So, follow the guide!

Trim your beard at least once a week for a clean and elegant result. Get a comb, scissors and a beard trimmer. First, wash your beard in lukewarm water to soften the hair. Dry and then comb it from top to bottom with a natural material comb (wood, horn but not plastic to avoid static electricity). Your beard untangled, you can start trimming your beard.

Hydrate your beard with oil or a special moisturizing beard balm. For a silky effect with the oil, heat a few drops between your hands then apply to all the hairs, massaging gently to penetrate. As for the beard balm, it contains oils but also beeswax which gives a solid texture and allows better styling of the beard while nourishing it. Ideal for large beards.

Regularly brush your beard with a natural brush or comb. This will allow it to keep its smooth and well-groomed appearance, and to remove all impurities, dead skin and pollution.

Eat a balanced diet. Does your beard hair look dull or brittle? It's probably because you lack protein and omega 3, eat salmon! For good hair growth, increase your intake of chicken, lentils, beans, brewer's yeast, nuts and oysters.

Clean your beard with a castor oil soap or shampoo. The coat is thicker than your hair, which is why a conventional hair shampoo is less effective. Daily use is not recommended as it may dry out your skin. For the rinse step, smooth beards will prefer lukewarm water while cold water will be more suitable for curly beards. 

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