Zoom on these brands in short circuit and with ingredients exclusively from French agriculture

At MCF, we love introducing you to new products, new artisans and new assets ! In this article, discover the benefits of various French plants in natural cosmetics.

The little more eco-responsible ? No need to ship natural ingredients from all over the world, they come from French agricultural heritage and therefore have a lower carbon impact than imported products!


French vegetable-based cosmetics

MCF welcomes a stunning new brand: Cultiv. This company lovingly concocts for us quality cosmetics made from... French fruits and vegetables!

Who is worship ?

It was in March 2020 that Laure-Anne de Tastes launched Cultiv, an intrapreneurial initiative of the In Vivo Group. After many months of research and development, she developed skincare products from "unloved" French vegetables likespinach, beets or even chicory. 

Indeed, they contain strong powers antioxidants and moisturizers. Also, their proximity to the extraction laboratory makes it possible to preserve the active molecules and thus to recover the purest extracts of these plants!


Spinach, powerful anti-aging and anti-acne

The spinach is rich in iron, very low calorie and antioxidant. As Popeye has always shown us, spinach makes you strong. But not only, this food has other benefits: anti-cancer, anti-asthma, anti-inflammatory, ally of the heart, boost of the digestive system...

Beyond its benefits on our health, spinach is a real ally for the skin. First of all, he has a anti-aging action with the presence of different antioxidants in its composition as lutein.

These eliminate the free radicals present on our skin to prevent skin aging and therefore limit the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, they protect the skin from external attacks such as pollution, blue light or UV.

For those who suffer from acne, spinach is your new friend! In fact, he has detoxifying properties perfect for fight against acne. The vitamins A present in spinach are ideal for a detox effect on skin with imperfections. Whether in your diet or in your cosmetics, spinach will help you treat your acne.

And icing on the cake, the spinach gives an effect " looking good " ! on beta-carotene concentration gives us a healthy complexion and helps our skin to better accept the effects of the sun.

It is for all these benefits that Cultiv has developed the spinach-enriched hydration booster serum.

 Le hydration serum with beets, spinach and chicory from Cultiv is ideal for dehydrated skin. Antioxidant, he brings shine and elasticity to the skin.


Beets to reduce dark spots

Beets have very positive effects on our health, but also on our skin. The beet can purify our organism and our liver thanks to the strong presence of betaine in its composition. She helps to regulate cholesterol levels in the blood thanks to its nitrate content.

In cosmetics, beet helps to reduce dark circles and the pigment spots. It accelerates blood circulation and is an excellent concealer. Its content of vitamin C limits excessive skin pigmentation and Effectively fights acne spots and scars.

To take full advantage of the riches of beets and their cosmetic virtues, discover Cultiv face cream made from French beets.

This moisturizer is ideal for dry to combination skin who have a great need for hydration. It hydrates your skin for 8h and applies both day and night. She makes the fresh complexion and bring comfort to the skin.


Cosmetics made from French cereals

La Belle Meuniere develops cosmetics made with wheat, oats and French rice. These cereals have many cosmetic virtues still too little recognized.

Wheat, a powerful moisturizer 

Wheat is a powerful antioxidant, he thus fights against the premature aging of cells. Wheat germ oil is a moisturizing active widely used in cosmetics. Wheat moisturizer from La Belle Meunière is perfect for enjoying the benefits of this cereal

Thanks to that gentle formula enriched with wheat, this care comes deeply hydrate your skin for a made smooth and soft All day long. He also struggles against skin aging for a anti-aging action.


Oats, purifying and soothing

Oats are softening and purifying. It is ideal for soothe itching and redness and soothes irritation. La Belle Meunière oatmeal powder mask is perfect for detoxify your skin.

All cereals used in these cosmetics are harvested in France, in respect for the environment and people for responsible and healthy products from start to finish.

Want to know everything about Belle Meunière and its products? Discover our article on cereal-based cosmetics.


Botanical oils made from French plants

Since 2019, Marion, the brand's founder Oden, offers exceptional botanical treatments created from French plants.

All the oils sold by the brand are from plants grown and processed in France to support the local consumption and take advantage of valuable French assets.

plum oil

From Aquitaine, this virgin plum oil is freshly made in France without preservatives. Thus, it retains all its virtues. Plum oil is particularly suitable for dry and very dry skin, it is ideal for dehydrated skin which are subject to pollution.

Plum oil has protective and antioxidant properties to protect the skin from the negative effects of pollution.

Nuts oil

A strong ally against blemishes and blackheads : Hazelnut oil. Perfect for combination to oily skin, this oil emollient, sebum-regulating and rebalancing deeply nourishes your skin.

Non-comedogenic, it will fight against your imperfections while regulating sebum levels on your face. She penetrates quickly and leaves the skin perfectly soft and smooth.


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