What dietary supplements for beautiful skin?

Everyone knows the food supplements. For several years, they have become essential with new brands such as Anaca3 or luxéol which have launched themselves into the distribution of food supplements for weight loss or stimulate hair growth. Today, we give you all the secrets to understand the benefits of dietary supplements and how to choose them well according to their actions and their compositions.


Why take a dietary supplement?

Food supplements are concentrates of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals to our body. They make it possible to overcome dietary deficiencies (in iron, zinc or omega 3 for example) and to supplement our diet with richer nutrients that we sometimes have trouble integrating into our plates.

For several years now, dietary supplements have had a new purpose: to make us look better. There are now dietary supplements with various benefits: slimming, beautiful skin, hair growth, nail growth, beautiful complexion... This is why it is necessary to choose your food supplement according to the problems it treats.


What is the best vitamin for beautiful skin?

There are 3 vitamins to favor to have a beautiful skin, the vitamins A, C and E They each have benefits on our body and therefore on our skin and allow us to beautify ourselves naturally.


Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant

Vitamin C is present in many food supplements due to its high content of antioxidants that prevent and fight against signs of aging. This vitamin also helps in the synthesis of collagen for an anti-aging action as much more efficient.

It is widely used to even out the complexion, make dark spots disappear and maintain the halo natural of the skin to avoid having a pale complexion. If you want a healthy, wrinkle-free complexion, vitamin C will be your beauty ally!


Vitamin A, perfect anti-wrinkle

It should be known that vitamin A is at the origin of the retinol. In other words, it is the most effective vitamin to quickly fight against wrinkles and the signs of skin aging. This vitamin is not produced naturally by our body, which is why we must be sure to add it to our diet or our beauty routine.

A good level of vitamin A will allow you to regain the natural elasticity of the skin while protecting it from the sun. That's why it's imperative to increase your vitamin A intake before summer arrives!

How ? By giving priority to foods rich in vitamin A such as melon, mango, eggs, sweet potato, raw carrots...


Vitamin E, to protect against the sun

Vitamin E protects from the sun while promoting the cell regeneration. Thus, it is very effective in removing your scars or stretch marks.


What is the best dietary supplement for beautiful skin?

To have beautiful skin, you have to choose a food supplement that contains essential vitamins, as well as active ingredients that will counter your skin problems.


If I have acne skin?

Acne is often a hormonal response to an imbalance in our body. To overcome these small inconveniences and regain smooth skin without imperfections, the problem must be treated internally. That is why Miyé's clear skin detox elixir is perfect for treating hormonal acne:

This 15-day cure will allow you to quickly regain smooth and clear skin. Its gentle formula based on broccoli DIM, burdock, nettle and zinc gluconate will detoxify your body, and therefore, heal your skin. Find a radiant complexion without imperfections in a few days.


If I have dry skin?

The dry skin leads to several problems such as skin dryness, them redness, small pimples but also unpleasant feelings of struggle. Cultiv's organic beauty gummies are perfectly suited to the hydration needs of dry skin:

Gourmet little gummies for fight against skin dryness, this is what cultiv has prepared for you with their moisturizing gummies with delicious blackcurrant flavor. Enriched with beetroot and melon, these gummies protect while providing softness and radiance to the skin.


Which dietary supplement for hormonal balance?

Hormones can sometimes cause us disturbances such as stress, pimples, bloating and any other inconvenience. To overcome this, we advise you miyé food supplements special hormonal balance

These supplements enriched with vitamins B and D boosts metabolism and preserves hormonal balance, he helps reduce the effects of stress and make sure our hormones don't mess things up our metabolism. on vegan formula lemon balm, vitamins B6, B9 and D3 is a real cocktail to take care of you.


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