Which Novexpert routine for my skin type?

MCF welcomes Novexpert, this superb brand specializing in facial care started thanks to Cyrille and his "band of doctors". It was in 2008 that their advanced searches on cosmetics lead them to a clear conclusion: The creams and treatments we use on our skin pollute our skin.

With an average of 300 kg of beauty products applied to our skin during our lifetime which penetrate then in our blood, our dermis, hypodermis or in our breastmilk, it is becoming urgent to change our cosmetic habits and opt for a maximum of natural products.

Do you know the bio-accumulation durable ?

This principle according to which each cosmetic that we apply to our skin stays for a very, very long time in our body. At present, we are not yet able to know how long exactly this cosmetic pollution remains in contact with our cells but it has been shown that 100% of women are polluted because of their cosmetics, all over the world.

This is why Novexpert offers us targeted and natural treatments for gently care for our skin without attacking or polluting it.


What is their story ?

In 1998, Cyrille Telinge and his team of researchers created their laboratory dedicated to pharmaceutical and dermatological research. It was in 2008, after 20 years studies and research in dermatology and findings warning about the dangers of classic cosmetics that they created the Novexpert skincare brand to combine science and nature to create natural products that work. In 2011, all novexpert products are certified 100% natural and they continue their technological prowess with always healthy and efficient innovations.

In 2020, the company has already won more than 23 prizes thanks to their quality products and processes.


What are their values?

100% naturally derived: Novexpert products are formulated exclusively from natural and biodegradable ingredients. They exclude from their formulas more than 1600 cosmetic ingredients which do not meet the quality expectations of the experts.

100% compatible with pregnant and breastfeeding women: Thanks to safety margins concerning the quality of products well above European standards, Novexpert offers useful care for all women, even pregnant or breastfeeding.

100% vegan & bio : The products do not contain no ingredients of animal origin nor any by-product from animal exploitation. They are 100% natural with the majority of products certified organic by the ECOCERT organization.

100% hypoallergenic and compatible with sensitive skin: More than 50% of women have sensitive skin, which is why the brand concocts hypoallergenic products and guaranteed allergen-free. There is also no trace of preservatives in order to preserve the skin flora.


Their targeted skincare ranges

Novexpert offers 5 product ranges to Targeted actions according to your skin's needs:

  • Hyaluronic Acid Range = firmness, volume & anti-aging
  • Vitamin C range = radiance & anti-aging
  • Trio Zinc range = imperfections, combination to oily skin
  • Pro Collagen Line: Anti-Aging, Wrinkles
  • Omega range = skin lacking nutrition, damaged skin


What effective anti-aging routine?

The Hyaluronic Acid range = firmness, volume & anti-aging

Hyaluronic acid is naturally present in our body and decreases with age, leaving wrinkles and fine lines to appear on our skin. With the right products, you can restore hyaluronic acid levels which will allow fight against the signs of time and find a smooth and hydrated skin. We wrote you a detailed article on hyaluronic acid to know everything about this essential asset.

Novexpert's repulp range is perfect for giving your skin the amount of hyaluronic acid it needs:

Micellar water with hyaluronic acid:

This micellar water removes make-up, cleanses and hydrates the skin gently. This cleanser without rinsing is also a revitalizing treatment fully fledged. Her gentle formula made of aloe vera juice, of glycerine and moisturizing agents is perfect for removing make-up and cleansing your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Booster Serum:

This filling, plumping and moisturizing serum is ideal for perfectly healthy skin. Its simple and natural formula based on aloe vera gel, moisturizing active ingredients such as ANHYDROXYLITOL or Xylitol, of glycerin and hyaluronic acid is a real hydration cocktail for a smooth and supple skin of the first uses. 100% ingredients of natural origin for an effective and healthy care.

The plumping cream

The plumping cream designed by doctors and dermatology enriched with aloe vera, green tea, broccoli and hyaluronic acid is a care concentrate for hydrate and plump your skin daily. Its concentration in hyaluronic acid will give your skin a firmness effect.

The mask plumps

This mask enriched with aloe vera, shea butter, hyaluronic acid and coconut oil is perfect for nourish and hydrate your skin deep down. The presence d'agents gras allows a long lasting nutrition, combined with hydration provided by hyaluronic acid, this treatment is ideal for deep repair your skin which will find firmness and elasticity.


Lip'Up lip care

This lip care based on shea butter and argan oil will deeply nourish your lips to fight against chapping and regain soft lips. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, this treatment will also naturally moisturize your lips for a plumping effect. This multipurpose care to slip in your bag will be your new ally for chewable lips all year round!

What routine for my dull skin?

Vitamin C range = radiance & anti-aging

Vitamin C is the ally of a glowing and healthy-looking skin. Son action antioxidant is very effective against skin aging and helps maintain healthy skin. If you smoke, we strongly advise you to use products containing vitamin C, this one brings radiance and light in complexion for combat "gray" complexion common in smokers.

This routine consists of 4 products for a complete routine and full of vitamin C:

Flash Glow Cleansing Foam: For a gentle and effective cleaning thanks to its formula enriched with coconut and aloe vera

The booster serum: A fresh serum enriched with vitamin C and beetroot for intense hydration and a boost to your skin

Radiance lifting eye contour treatment: Thanks to the presence hyaluronic acid and of evening primrose seeds, find a naturally lifted look.

The Expert Exfoliating Mask & Scrub: Its papaya, apricot nut and jojoba wax extracts make it a perfect exfoliating cocktail for the skin.


What routine for my oily skin?

Trio Zinc range = imperfections, combination to oily skin

Zinc is a reference active ingredient for the prevention and correction of the imperfections. This is why Novexpert has developed a whole range of zinc-based products with purifying and anti-aging actions.

This complete routine consists of 5 products for deep care combination to oily skin.

A foaming jelly clear skin to cleanse and unclog the bacteria present on your skin accumulated throughout the day. She purifies and prevents imperfections thanks to its formula zinc, seaweed and olive base.

A trio-zinc mist for refresh, purify, soothe and mattify your skin All day long. She helps to reduce excess sebum to combat the "oily skin" effect that occurs during the day.

The purity fluid for clearer skin, purified and mattified durably thanks to its natural formula with coconut oil base, rosemary and zinc extracts.

Purity gel with zinc, rosemary and olive extract perfect for taking care of combination to oily skin.

The triple black mask to charcoal and black clay to smooth and even out the complexion. He also fights against blemishes and blackheads.


Curious to discover novexpert's pro collagen and omega ranges? Meet on the collection Novexpert to know all their products!

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