What natural remedy for psoriasis and eczema?

Psoriasis and eczema are two skin conditions common with similar manifestations and causes. Both are due to a immune system dysfunction and causeskin sores resulting in redness and itching. It is important to properly identify them in order to treat properly.

Although these pathologies must be treated medically, there are some natural tips for quickly relieve itching and soothe your skin. In this article, discover how to recognize psoriasis or eczema, what are their causes and how to treat them naturally.


How do you know if it's psoriasis?

Psoriasis comes from a excessive turnover of skin cells, this leads to the appearance of thick, red patches covered by a "white film" on the skin. Most often, these plaques appear on knees or elbows and lead to rather mild itching. In most cases, psoriasis develops during adolescence or in adults over the age of 30.

Unfortunately, to date, no treatment completely treats this pathology. However, you can calmer effects with soothing creams or some specific assets which we will present to you later in the article.


What Causes Psoriasis?

Psoriasis can be caused by various factors. The first cause is the cause genetic, Indeed, if someone in your family suffers from psoriasis, you are more at risk of contracting this pathology. In the case of injuries or infections, the immune system may be disrupted and trigger psoriasis in speeding up the production process new skin cells.

Other factors like tobacco, alcohol or psychological shock can cause psoriasis.


How to get rid of psoriasis naturally?

Although psoriasis never goes away completely, it is possible to treat punctually in order to soothe redness and soothe itching.

Wash yourself with Aleppo soap

Aleppo soap is perfect in case of psoriasis because it helps to rebuild the hydrolipidic film of the skin thanks to its agents gras. on olive oil content allows quickly relieve itching and rebuild the skin barrier. We recommend Aleppo soaps from Tadé, formulated with olive oil and laurel for a optimal tolerance.


Apply aloe vera

Aloe vera is a moisturizing and healing plant widely used in case of redness or itching. This makes it an ideal asset for treat psoriasis. Apply aloe vera gel on your plates for the relieve quickly. We advise you to opt for a organic aloe vera gel like the one from Naturaloe to take advantage of all benefits of this plant without the addition of chemical ingredients.


Aloe vera is a plant with many benefits, which suits all skin types to treat many skin problems. Want to know more about this plant? Discover our article on aloe vera.


Choose chamomile-based creams

Chamomile has soothing virtues which quickly relieve psoriasis. Discover Sème's soothing balm, to protect, nourish, soothe, soften and purify your skin. on gentle formula with chamomile calm quickly irritation and suitable for all skin types.


Take salt baths

Do not hesitate to pour a little sea salt in your bath in order to benefit from all the virtues of salt water on your skin. Sea salt helpsremove dead skin and impurities, but also to soothe the muscles and improve blood circulation. This quickly soothes the adverse effects of psoriasis.


How do you know if it's eczema?

Eczema is a inflammation of the skin, it causes itching often very violent and intense as well as well-defined red patches and crusts. This pathology is caused by a hypersensitivity of the skin which may be related to a reaction to allergens such as milk, eggs, peanuts... Generally, eczema affects the infants or small children. If you, or your children, suffer from eczema, this indicates a skin hypersensitivity and one atopic skin. Be sure to use cosmetic and hygiene products adapted to your skin type in order to take care of it and fight against the inconveniences.


How to cure eczema?

In order to cure eczema, it is usually prescribed by doctors to use cortisone creams. But in order to prevent the eczema from coming back regularly, you can take a few simple habits.

Use gentle hygiene products

As we said, eczema comes from the skin dryness and atopic skin, it is therefore necessary to use gentle care products in order to do not attack your skin.

For a optimal tolerance and quality products, we advise you to use the soap as before, formulated only from 4 essential ingredients:

Also, be sure to moisturize your skin daily with a moisturizer that's right for your skin type.

Some effective active ingredients to fight against eczema, sweet almond oil:

Organic Sweet Almond Vegetable Oil contains Fatty acids and the vitamins A and E. She is nourishing, moisturizing and softening. It is an ideal oil to prevent eczema and skin dryness. We recommend you florame organic sweet almond oil which is 100% pure and certified by ecocert.

coconut oil

Coconut oil is healing, it quickly heals the skin in case of patches of eczema. It nourishes and protects in depth, so it is ideal for dry skin in search of nutrition. We advise you to use coconut oil from the oil counter to the sweet smell of coconut.


You now know all our tips and advice for fighting eczema and psoriasis. However, do not forget that these diseases must be medically treated and that these natural tricks will not deal with the problem in depth, they will simply allow to limit the inconvenience caused by these pathologies.

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