Which floral water for my skin?

This week, spring has definitely settled in: the sky is blue, there are flowers everywhere and the birds are singing! 

How pleasant!


You surely know that flowers contain many natural benefits recognized since Antiquity: but do you know all their secrets? 


Less famous than essential oils, hydrosols and the floral waters are best known for their culinary uses (rose hydrosol, orange blossom, etc.), yet they have virtues for the skin and health non negligable !

Find out in this article :

  1. The benefits of organic floral water and its uses
  2. The difference between floral water and hydrosol 
  3. Your ideal floral water
  4. How to store floral water


 What is organic floral water used for? What are its benefits and how to use it? 

Renowned for their cosmetic use as tonic, in face care or in massage, floral waters are real beauty treasures. They are particularly suitable for children and people sensitive.

Delicately scented, floral waters are a good alternative to essential oils. 

Indeed, organic floral waters come from the distillation of organic plants and are composed of water with a low aromatic molecule content. Organic floral waters are therefore very soft for the skin.

Who can use them? Their very low concentration of aromatic molecules is appreciated by anyone who is fragile (babies, adults, breastfeeding women, the elderly, etc.). 

On the other hand, floral waters are contraindicated in case of allergy to essential oils and are not recommended for pregnant women and people with a history of seizures.

How can we use them?

In direct application on the face, eyes, mouth, body, hair or scalp!

  • For the beauty of the skin : facial spray, skin tonic, after-shave lotion…
  • For hair beauty : as a conditioner 
  • For the well-being : in a refreshing spray!

For a instant freshness immediate, do not hesitate to place them directly in the refrigerator. Guaranteed boost effect!


 What is the difference between “floral water” and “hydrosol”? 

Often these two terms are taken to mean the same thing, but there is a small subtlety.

According to Patricia Dalmas, specialist in floral waters, the choice of terminology is made according to the part of the plant distilled. 

  • If flowers are distilled, the collected water is called a flower water.
  • If it is the other parts of the plant that are distilled, for example the leaves, seeds, bark... then we collect a hydrosol

Thus, the word hydrolat is more general. 

Often, in scientific aromatherapy, we will rather speak of hydrosol, whereas in cosmetology, we will rather speak of floral water.


 Which floral water for my skin? 

First of all, choose a quality organic floral water

Cevennes plants is a producer of organic floral waters, which offers treatments without preservatives, allergens and alcohol. 

The quality of their floral waters is guaranteed thanks to a production of their care which is located right next to their fields. The flowers therefore do not have time to spoil and keep all their properties !

Craftsmen who harvest their own flowers and transform them immediately, what more could you ask for?

 Which floral water for mature skin?  

Organic Rose floral water, renowned for its fragrance and its regenerating and softening properties, is a real treasure of nature for tone all skin types. 

  • It is particularly recommended for restore radiance and youth to mature skin.
  • Organic Rose floral water decongests and relieves heavy, tired eyes.
Eau florale de Rose en spray - Plantes des Cévennes - 200 mL

Organic and natural Rose floral water from Plantes des Cévennes soothes and regenerates the skin. A superb astringent lotion that has a action anti-rides


 What floral water to tighten pores and fight acne? 

Use organic Geranium floral water, which is recognized for its astringent properties and which is particularly suitable for oily skin care

  • Ideal after make-up removal, it soothes and contributes to tighten pores

 Organic Geranium Rosat floral water from Plantes des Cévennes fight against pimples and restores softness to the skin.  

If you like Lavender, you can also try it as a treatment anti acné. In effect, organic lavender floral water is particularly suitable for the care of oily skin with imperfections

  • Lavender floral water has softening and relaxing properties. 

 True organic Lavender floral water from Plantes des Cévennes regulates combination to oily skin.


 What floral water for tired eyes? 

Tired and itchy eyes? You need theOrganic cornflower floral water, known for its softening and refreshing properties! 

  • Organic cornflower floral water tones the fragile and sensitive skin. It is particularly suitable for the care of eye area and eyes. 

Eau florale de Bleuet en spray - Plantes des Cévennes - 200 mL

Organic and natural Cornflower floral water from Plantes des Cévennes decongests puffy eyelids and refreshes the complexion. It is ideal for the sensitive skin !


 Which floral water for couperose and sensitive skin? 

Organic Italian Helichrysum floral water, also called Immortal, is particularly suitable for skin care sensitive and blotchy

  • It gently soothes, protects and tones the skin. A natural solution for soothe redness, irritation and sunburn !
  • Trick : spray organic Italian Helichrysum floral water morning and evening to soothe small varicosities!

Organic and natural Italian Helichrysum floral water from Plantes des Cévennes soothes redness, dark circles, bruises and irritation

 Which universal floral water for all skin types? 

Organic Orange Blossom floral water is a real beauty treasure to tone all skin types.

  • Refreshing, Orange Blossom floral water has a scent delicate, fresh and light. It is ideal for to relax and let go.
  • Trick : Before going to bed, spray a few sprays of Orange Blossom floral water on your pillow to promote calm and sleep.

  Orange Blossom floral water from Arcs en Sels soothes and softens the epidermis, it is ideal for regaining vitality and reduce stress.


 How to store floral water? 

Keep your floral water protected from light and heat. The floral waters can be kept for 6 months after opening. 

The blue color of the bottles helps preserve the impact of light.  


Want to complete your beauty routine with floral water? Discover all our floral waters of Cévennes Plants! 

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