What gift for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Running out of gift ideas this year? We have selected for you natural and gourmet products to please your other half this year.

The pastries

Do you know the pastries ? These are cosmetics in the form of small delicacies : pies, cookies, cannelés, petit-beurre or even macaroons. Discover our selection gift ideas to find the kitchen in your bathroom!

More like Viennese chocolate or café crème?

To gently cleanse and moisturize your skin, we recommend "Viennese Chocolate" pastry :


A care soap in the form of Viennese chocolate for moisturized clean skin with a soft cocoa scent. Its formula enriched with antioxidant cocoa, to the moisturizing butters and oils make it a nourishing soap.

Are you more of a coffee person? No problem, find out the "Café Crème" care soap:


Thanks to its coffee beans, this care soap comes gently exfoliate your skin and offers you a moment of natural gourmet relaxation. Use it regularly for a guaranteed baby skin effect ! On adore sa sweet smell of coffee who wakes up early in the morning.


The Pallet of Roses

This pretty pale pink formulated with olive oil, coconut butter and rapeseed oil is perfect for sensitive skins ! It cleans and cares for your skin while leaving a surgras effect to keep a hydrated skin all day.

The little peak

A specialty of Reunion Island, Petit Piton coconut flavor is perfect for a care shower and an lastingly hydrated skin. on formula enriched with natural oils and butters makes it a perfect nourishing and moisturizing treatment.

massage bars

To combine gluttony and pleasure, discover our massage bars favorites to divine smells for a sweet moment of relaxation. 

Toffee apple

The gourmet massage bars from Autour du bain are ideal for please your other half. We love the candy apple scented massage bar with its sweet notes of vanilla caramelized apple.

In the formula rich in vitamins A, E, D and F is perfect for a moment of pleasure and a very soft skin.



Rather chocolate? No problem. Then we recommend this delicious massage bar chocolate smell. In the formula nourishing made of cocoa and shea butters leaves the skin perfectly soft and nourished after a sweet moment of relaxation.

A good composition

We have selected pastries and massage bars without controversial elements and without chemical ingredients suspected of being endocrine disruptors. So you can enjoy a moment of natural indulgence with some healthy products made in France.

The soaps that we have selected are based on vegetable oils such as Olive, Apricot, Jojoba or Macadamia. They also contain moisturizing butters as Shea, Coconut and Cocoa butter.

Astuce MCF :

To check if an ingredient is dangerous or not, you can use the site  The truth about cosmetics. Simply insert the ingredient you want to check into the search bar to check the dangerousness of the active.

All the products we recommend in this article have a 100% clean composition and provenance!


Want more gift ideas for a successful Valentine's Day? Discover our collection of romantic products at low prices!


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