Our back-to-school essentials

September is back! New school year, back to work... After enjoying the summer, we get motivated again and we pick up the pace!

This year, we thought about our children and teenagers, and we have prepared a selection of essential organic beauty products, for a top comeback!


For our children:

We start with the pitchouns who go back to kindergarten or primary school. Every year our enemies lice come back to say hello. So we've found the solution for you:

Ce stick roll-on apad'poo de Néobulle based on organic fine lavender essential oil is an excellent lice repellent! A little product behind the ears and you're done!

In addition, the range Apad'poo de Neobulle will take care of treat lice:  soft and natural, shampoo and anti-lice treatmentux essential oils of fine organic lavender, tea tree and vegetable oils of virgin olive and denricin a a very effective action against lice.


For our teenagers: 

1) Healthy skin!

To counter nasty last-minute pimples, the Lady Green Organic Pimples Stopper Pen is ideal!  


Rich in aloe vera, organic neem and zinc, this gel pen works quickly to dry, purify and soothe blemishes. 

Zinc and lavender alcohol will dry out your imperfections. Aloe vera, neem and burdock treat and soothe the skin

Slip it into your teen's bag and say goodbye to buttons!


2) One hell of a smile!

Your teen has a braces and must take care of her oral hygiene ?

A 0 waste and natural solution to avoid cavities and have fresh breath when leaving the canteen, that's the best, isn't it? Solid toothpaste around the bath is ideal for your teenager.

Antibacterial and refreshing, it effectively fights cavities thanks to its formula based on clay, xylitol and essential oils of peppermint and field mint.


3) Heavy-duty panties!

Periods never come when it suits us, so to ensure your young teen isn't caught off guard, we recommend the bloomie loomie menstrual panties !

100% natural and made in cotton and bamboo fiber, panties Reusable Bloomie Loomie make menstruation easier. Up to 12h protection without odors or humidity.

With all this, your children and teenagers are ready to face the start of the new school year and start this new school year on the right foot.

Welcome back everyone !


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