How to prepare your skin for the sun naturally?

The sun is timidly pointing the tip of its nose... It's time to prepare your skin to receive the first rays of the sun without burning.
We preserve its sun capital by providing the best care for your skin before, during and after exposure to the sun.
Get one nice tanned complexion safely ! 

To display healthy skin and one lasting tan by preparing now with the organic cosmetics

Why prepare my skin for the sun?

The skin is fragile and requires special attention. We avoid weakening it by destroying our solar capital.
We do not expose ourselves anyhow to the sun at the risk of accelerating the skin aging. 

We opt for a suitable sun protection and a good preparation of the skin to obtain a uniform natural tan. You will avoid sunburn and you will bring the right nutrients to your skin to tan without danger. 

How to properly prepare your skin for the sun?

We focus on a balanced diet rich in beta-carotene

Bet on some foods rich in vitamins and minerals to naturally prepare your skin for the sun. 

  • Foods rich in beta carotene protect the skin and give a healthy glow.
    Carrot, tomato, apricot, mango, sweet potato… To put in all your menus! 
  • The essential fatty acids regenerate the skin: tuna, sardines, salmon, vegetable oils…
  • Foods rich in vitamin A, also protective of the skin: parsley, green vegetables, cheese, eggs…
  • Drink plenty of water

I focus on exfoliation and hydration

Your skin has spent all winter hidden under clothing. She needs to be cleansed and invigorated with a good natural scrub to obtain an even and lasting tan. 

By exfoliating your skin all over your body, you will reveal younger cells that will be more receptive than the thicker old epidermis. 

Find them organic scrubs for your face

It is also important to nourish your skin daily with a moisturizer adapted.

Find all our organic face masks and scrubs.

To restore the radiance of the complexion before going to expose yourself, the moisturizing exfoliation by Secret des Fairies :


gommage hydratant bio secret des fées
Our favorite with this pretty Passion Exotic Fruits organic box composed exclusively by My French Cosmetics containing:


  • 1 surgras soap with Ylang Ylang and Neroli
  • 1 mango bath ball
  • 1 sugar and orange blossom scrub
  • 1 passion fondant

coffret soins bio fruits de la passion

Why choose organic sunscreen? 

L’UV index in summer is much stronger than in winter. Summer vacation is fast approaching and you have to choose your Solar cream to go on vacation. 

We avoid burning our skin from the outset, we opt for the basic equipment: hat, sunglasses, organic sunscreen

No more unwanted ingredients for your organic sunscreen

We favor the organic sunscreen to avoid petrochemical ingredients which can be carcinogenic, allergenic, polluting for the environment and which present endocrine disruptors.

here are some controversial ingredients used in conventional sunscreens (source The truth about cosmetics):

  • The UV filter Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane (Avobenzone), supposed endocrine disruptor, likely to interfere with the hormonal system
  • Le filtre UV ETHYLHEXYL SALICYLATE (Octisalate), suspected endocrine disruptor.*
  • Le DISODIUM EDTA, a substance environmental problem; because polluting
  • Le DIMETHICONE, (silicone) environmentally problematic; because polluting
  • Le Phenoxyethanol, a controversial synthetic preservative, proven toxic potential (harmful to the liver, in particular)
  • Of the PEGs, these are ethoxylated materials. Obtained from extremely reactive and toxic gases, resulting from a chemical process which imposes the strictest safety measures. PEGs are also likely to make the skin barrier more permeable to other substances and are not very biodegradable, therefore polluting.
  • Le Triethanolamine, a component which is used either as a buffer substance, as an emulsifier or surfactant, likely to form carcinogenic nitrosamines.

In the organic sun creams, sun protection filters are mineral.

Chemical filters VS mineral filters

A formulation with chemical filter or mineral filter will protect differently from UV rays.

The chemical filters are compounds of organic molecules (oxybenzone is the most common). They penetrate the epidermis to absorb UV rays instead of the skin.

The mineral filters, on the other hand, do not penetrate the epidermis. Organic sunscreens with mineral filters are deposited on the skin to reflect UV rays, like a screen.

The mineral sunscreen is ideal for sensitive, reactive or even allergic skin to the sun.

Indeed, sunscreens with chemical filters have the disadvantage of being allergenic, unlike mineral filters.

Moreover, chemical filters only act half an hour after application to the skin (time to penetrate it), whereas a cream with mineral filters acts immediately after application.

We reduce the pollution of the oceans and seas with organic sunscreens

The petrochemical ingredients contained in conventional sunscreen products are harmful to the skin. But they are just as important for our environment. 

L’marine ecosystem is disturbed by these products which destroy the micro-algae responsible for the survival of the coral.

At each of your swims, 25% of the non-biodegradable components are diluted in the water. Oxybenzone and ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate are two ingredients from conventional sunscreens that are devastating to the seabed. (Cf. According to a study by the Haereticus Environmental Laboratory (HEL) association).

The organic sun creams do not use chemical filters but mineral filters, respectful of the marine ecosystem. These creams are all equally effective against UV on your skin.

These eco-designed formulas contain ingredients selected to limit the impact on the environment. 

How to choose your organic sunscreen?

Your organic sunscreen product must be compatible with the desired use: for a day at the beach or for surfing... 

There are many possible formats in organic sun creams and milks: creams, milks, sticks, etc.

What will differentiate them is above all the ease of application. the sun milk is smoother than Solar cream for example. The sticks are very practical to apply on strategic places during sports practice: nose, cheekbones, forehead... 

Our selection of MCF organic sunscreen products:

Creme solaire bio EQ love SPF50




creme solaire visage bio teintée alga amaris laboratoire de biarritz


Organic tinted face sunscreen from the Biarritz laboratories



stick solaire bio visage levres spf50 eq love




spray solaire bio famille SPF50 laboratoire de biarritz


Organic sunscreen spray for the whole family SPF50 with mineral filters from the Biarritz laboratory


After a long day of exposure to the sun, it is imperative to bring him thehydration what she needs. 

The organic after-sun care are formulated to provide all the necessary care to your skin. 

Little crush with this wonderful oil for body, face and hair from EQ Love :


Soin après-soleil L’Huile Merveilleuse Corps, Visage, Cheveux - Cheveux secs & Toute peau - EQ Love



good for your health, your youth capital, your environment, them organic sunscreen products are all good and must be adopted! And if you are in a hurry to display a nice tan from the start of the holidays, opt for a organic self-tanner !

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