Why and how to use solid toothpaste?

You have the idea of reduce your waste in the bathroom ? Solid toothpaste has all the qualities to preserve your environment and that of the planet! It is part of the family of solid cosmetics. Less packaging, natural solid toothpaste is more respectful for your oral hygiene.

Is solid toothpaste is as effective as conventional toothpaste in a tube? But what to choose among solid toothpastes in pebbles, sticks, powder?
How to choose and use a solid toothpaste at home or on vacation? We will explain everything to you ! 

dentifrice solide bocal verre recyclable zéro déchet endro

Why use solid toothpaste? 

Above all for the environment! Composed of natural ingredients such as clay or coconut derivatives, the solid toothpastes offered by labeled brands Slow Cosmetics have reusable packaging or zero waste. Brush your teeth with a new gesture, this time, without polluting either the body or the planet! 

The tubes of conventional dental pastes consist of several layers of materials that are difficult to recyclables like aluminum. 

stop at waste with your tube of toothpaste! It is well known, the tube does not empty completely at the end, so you lose about 4% of product with your toothpaste tube.

tube dentifrice conventionnel

There are several forms of solid toothpaste: in pebble, powder or chewable tablet form?

There are many formats for solid toothpaste. You can choose the one that best suits your daily use: for home or on vacation, for example. 

  • Round pebble to rub : in the form of a small round pebble, the toothpaste can be rubbed with your toothbrush to remove the material. 
  • Powder : in a box, the powder is airy to be gently picked up from the tips of the slightly damp bristles of your toothbrush. 
  • stick : as for the small pebble, rub the material with your toothbrush. This solid toothpaste looks like a lollipop! 
  • Chewable tablets : Convenient for holidays, trips or the office, these chewable tablets are for single use. 

How do I use my solid toothpaste?

Your solid toothpaste will it serve the whole family or just for you?
You will have to choose a toothpaste suitable for each member of the family to avoid essential oils for children for example. 

Depending on the format chosen, you will most often need scrub your wet toothbrush on your solid toothpaste. It's the case for round pebbles or sticks

For solid toothpaste in powder format, you will not need to scrub. You will only have to moisten your toothbrush and gently on the powder to pick it up. 

Ideally, each person in the family should have their own solid toothpaste for hygiene reasons.

On vacation or at the office, you can use the chewable tablets who are at usage unique. Bite, rub and your teeth will be clean! 

To know :

You may be amazed at the effect in the mouth that solid toothpaste provides. Solid toothpastes foam less than tube toothpaste, because they do not contain sulphates.
If you want a toothpaste with more foam, choose solid toothpaste in pebbles or lozenges instead. The powder format provides less foam in the mouth.

Do I make my own toothpaste or do I buy it? 

You already make your own cosmetics for the face, body or hair. It's the same with oral hygiene! the DIY is trendy and allows you to realize your homemade toothpaste by controlling its composition.

As with other homemade cosmetics, you will need have some time to devote to it, make the right doses and observe hygiene practices

If making your homemade or DIY toothpaste is not your cup of tea, you can buy it with a clear conscience at Mes Cosmétiques Français. 

You will be spoiled for choice to choose the right format and the aromas that suit you.


My French Cosmetics selection

  • In casing, rubbing roller :

Le Mint organic cold saponified solid toothpaste - Soap factory The essentials

dentifrice solide saponifié à froid menthe savonnerie les essentiels

Le Lemon solid organic toothpaste - Around the Bath

dentifrice bio solide citron autour du bain


  • In the round, single pebble to rub :

Le Organic solid toothpaste with clay and mint essential oil - Green Utopia

dentifricesolide bio argile menthe green utopie


  • In recyclable glass jar :

Le Organic solid toothpaste - Lemon - Endro Cosmetics

dentifrice solide bio citron bocal verre endro


  • In chewable tablets :

The Clean teeth natural mint lozenges - The Little Freshy

pastilles à croquer dentifrice solide le petit freshy smillean

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