Zoom on Nominoë, which gives pride of place to the flora of Brittany

At MCF, we really fell in love with NOMINOË, a Breton organic and natural cosmetics brand created in 2008 and founded by Arnaud, himself Breton and former cosmetic designer for large luxury houses and Jérémias, entrepreneur.

Made exclusively from the flora of Brittany, and particularly fromgorse water, the brand is designed with the codes of luxury brands to combine efficiency, beauty and naturalness.

Efficiency with a simple range of 6 essentials of care to exfoliate, purify and hydrate the body and the face. 

Beauty, with the elegance and chic of their pakagings: black and white are the Breton colors. Yellow evokes the color of gorse flowers.

Naturalness because the organic and natural formulas are all certified by Ecocert.

  • The plants that make up organic cosmetic products (buckwheat, strawberry achenes, artichoke, sea fennel, gorse water, etc.) are produced locally,
  • The formulas were also developed by a Breton laboratory. Finally, Breton workers actively participate in the packaging of the products.

You will find the entire range on our e-shop NOMINOË and in our Bretagne et Jambes à Croquer box, the body oil, the exfoliating balm and the face beauty potion.



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