Our selection of organic and natural solid deodorants

Every day in France, 327,000 deodorants are sold per day packaged in plastic bottles. What if you opted for a less polluting deodorant, packaged in a reusable glass or aluminum jar? .

We have selected 3 solid deodorants for you and here is our feedback.


Cream deodorant

With magnesium oxide, the cream deodorant from Transparence Cosmétiques en Provence is baking soda free, which gives it a silky feel and a powdery finish.
Magnesium oxide is the active ingredient that neutralizes odor-causing bacteria.
Very pleasant to apply, just take a small amount of the tip of your fingers and apply it like a cream.

Two versions exist: a scent of lavender and lemon essential oils. And one for pregnant women and teens, without essential oils.

Deodorant balm

It also applies to the finger, like a cream, on the armpits.

One comes from Lot, from the Biokankan soap factory. Composed of beeswax which moisturizes and protects the skin, coconut oil and essential oil of Palmarosa, anti-bacterial, and baking soda which neutralizes odors, it is hyper effective and above all, it holds in the handbag 👜!

The other is made by Savonnerie Les Essentiels, it is vegan and composed of baking soda, deosodorant and corn starch, absorbent, babassu vegetable oil, known for its anti-microbial properties. Shea butter and vegetable jojoba wax are added which moisturize, soften and protect the epidermis.
3 versions: one with grapefruit EO, another peppermint and fine lavender and the last without essential oils.

How to choose ?

It's easy ! Depending on the texture you prefer: creamy or slightly grainy due to the presence of bicarbonate; but also according to the proposed fragrance! They are all effective, we have tested them!

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