Our tips for effective natural make-up removal 🌿

Make-up removal is a very important step in the life of women. In effect, more than 70% of active French women make up daily. And who says daily make-up says daily make-up removal.

Are you one of those who wear makeup daily? This article is made for you !

To make this daily gesture healthier, it is very important to choose the right makeup remover so as not to damage your skin.


What to consider when choosing your makeup remover?

Before analyzing in detail the composition of a makeup remover, you must find the most suitable type of makeup remover to your skin and its needs.

Choosing a make-up remover only because it smells good, because it is organic or natural is useless if it is not suitable.


Find out which makeup remover is right for your skin type

Cleansing balm for dry skin

The cleansing balm is ideal for dry and fragile skin. Indeed, it effectively removes make-up while providing the skin with hydration what she needs. Her gentle formula prevents the skin from drying out, so it is strongly recommended for people suffering from dry skin.

We advise you the make-up remover balm from Demain Beauty "Time to Detox"


It is ideal for stubborn or waterproof make-up. Its formula enriched with fatty active ingredients allows for quick deep make-up removal.

It is composed of Moringa oil, shea butter and pink clay thus, it is suitable for all skin types but it is particularly recommended for people with dry and fragile skin.

Its very rich formula allows it to be used as restorative mask by night. Apply it before going to bed for a radiant complexion upon waking.

The ecological gesture: No need for cotton to remove make-up. It is therefore a first step towards a more responsible make-up removal.

Little tip: The cleansing balm can be used to perform daily massages of the face. Just apply the balm on the face and make circular movements with the hands for a few minutes. Her melting texture is ideal for a moment of relaxation.

Also, use it as body balm, after sun care , and even as chapped lip care !


Cleansing gel for combination to oily skin

For those who have a combination to oily skin, we recommend that you opt for a make-up remover gel. A foam or gel helps cleanse the skin effectively but gently. 

At MCF, we love the make-up remover gel "La accomplice" from Les Happycuriennes :

gel demaquillant naturel et bio

Its healthy formula based onnatural oils of hemp, hazelnut, sunflower and safflower brings calm and relaxation to the skin.

This cleansing gel is ideal for remove make-up in depth the skin while moisturizing it. Her gentle formula allows make-up removal without attacking and lasting hydration. 

The cleansing action of the gel comes cleanse and purify the skin gently for a clear and fresh complexion after each wash. The skin is smooth and supple.

Little tip: Rinse your face with cold water to promote the microcirculation of blood in your face and instantly regain a radiant complexion.


Rinse-off cleansing oil for stubborn make-up          

For all those who are addicted to Waterproof make-up, glitter, stubborn eye shadow and tired of spending 30 minutes removing makeup every night, lcleansing oil is your solution.

The oil makes it possible to remove all make-up, even the most tenacious. This makeup removal method adapts to all skin types since the oil must be rinsed off.

For an effective and natural cleansing oil, we recommend our novelty, organic milky cleansing oil from Endro:

 huile demaquillante bio

This rinse-off cleansing oil provides cleansing gentle and effective, because, in contact with water, it is transformed into milk which facilitates its rinsing and eliminates the excess oil.

The association of 2 French organic oils, sunflower oil and plum oil, gets rid of traces of makeup and impurities accumulated throughout the day, while leaving a natural plum fragrance.

Vitamin E from plum oil has properties protective and antioxidants and warns signs of aging. As for sunflower oil, it is very suitable for dry to very dry skin and will leave your skin nourished and softened.


The solid make-up remover for all skin types

Contrary to appearances, a solid make-up remover is one of the most rich in oil and moisturizing active ingredients. 

We love it solid eye make-up remover from Autour du bain:

It is composed of organic vegetable oils of jojoba, castor and avocado. These 3 oils are ideal for eye make-up removal since they are very gentle, non-comedogenic and suitable for sensitive areas of the face.

Did you know ?

Castor oil is one of the most used oils for the growth of eyelashes, eyebrows and nails. Apply virgin castor oil to your clean lashes every evening to strengthen and lengthen them.


Once you have found the type of makeup remover that your skin needs, choose it by taking into account 3 elements for makeup removal efficient and responsible :

The right questions to ask yourself before choosing your makeup remover?

1: Is the composition good enough?

Thanks to applications such as Yuka or Inci Beauty, it is now possible to evaluate the composition of a product before purchasing it. This saves you from buying products that might contain controversial ingredients, which can be dangerous. This step is very important since a product with chemical active ingredients or controversial ingredients could, in the long term, weaken your skin or even cause you more serious health problems.

At MCF, all our products are rated "Good" or "Excellent" on Yuka.


2: Are there the certifications and labels I'm looking for?

When you purchase a product, you may find terms such as "Cosmos Organic", "Bio " or "Vegan" or "Cruelty free". Each of these labels or certifications have their own definition. To understand them well, you can read our article on certifications and labels in cosmetics.

At MCF, our selection of products is organic and has received either European certification "Cosmos Organic", or the labels "Nature and Progress" or "Slow Cosmetic".


3: Where is the manufacturing location?

The place of production is very important since it is a guarantee of quality of the product.  French expertise in the field of cosmetics manufacturing is a very important asset because it guarantees you a product that meets European standards, healthy and effective.

At MCF, all our products are made in France. 

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