Our tips for softer periods ☁️

During our periods, our body is disturbed and, for the majority of women, this period is difficult to manage and unpleasant. To help you get through this time of the month, we've rounded up our top beauty, skincare and wellness tips.



Take care of your skin:

During the different phases of our menstrual cycle, our skin changes. So it is necessary to adapt our treatments and our beauty routine to these changes so as not to attack the skin.

Periods often bring with them quite embarrassing skin problems: Redness, hot flashes, pimples...

The Miyé novelty is ideal to overcome these small inconveniences! Discover Miyé's Clear Skin Detox Elixir.

 serum anti acne

This elixirstimulate the detoxification and drainage of the body to promote clear and radiant skin

Its formula enriched with Broccoli DIM, Burdock, nettle and zinc gluconate fight againsthormonal acne which can appear during menstruation, ovulation or periods of stress. 

Broccoli DIM is a naturally occurring molecule in broccoli. Its main action is to detoxify the liver and therefore, tooptimize hormonal balance. It regulates estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in order to fight against hormonal acne.

At the rate of one pipette per day to swallow directly or to dilute in a little water, you can keep aand clear and radiant skin blemish-free all year round! To be taken preferably within 10 days before menstruation.


Caring for your flower:

For gentle cleaning, we recommend the intimate cleansing gel "Bulle des filles" by Néobulle.

on gentle formula based on organic sage, calendula and aloe vera is ideal for a effective and gentle washing of your privacy.

Aloe vera softens and hydrates and sage, anti-inflammatory, prevents inconvenience and gynecological conditions. As for calendula, it soothes and protects the mucous membranes gently.


Useful and comfortable panties:

You know menstrual panties ? These ecological alternatives Pads are a must for periods regardless of flow type!

Discover the Bloomie Loomie period panties.

These period panties 100% natural made from cotton and of natural bamboo fiber are much healthier for our private parts than sanitary napkins or tampons.

They are very comfortable and guarantee up to 12h de protection. They are therefore ideal for every day.

Their materials super resistant get rid of all leaks, odors and humidity. Spend a quiet day without wondering if you have a task and without discomfort!


Positions against pain:

Whether you are a Yoga fan or not, we have selected you 3 very simple yoga positions to quickly relieve menstrual pain.

1 - The half-pigeon

position yoga contre douleurs regles

Put your left knee between your hands and bring your left ankle closer to your right wrist.
Relax your right leg behind you and make sure your knee and foot touch the ground. You can choose to keep your back straight or rest it on your left thigh.

Hold this position for 10 breaths and switch legs.

This posture is ideal during menstruation sinceit stretches the thighs, hips and abdomen. This allows the muscles in these areas to relax and reduce pain.


2 - The butterfly

position yoga contre douleurs regles

Sit down with your back straight. Bend your knees and bring your feet up to your hands. Position your feet facing each other, heels close to the pelvis.

Grab your feet with your hands and take a deep breath as you lengthen your back.

Hold this position and take 10 deep breaths.


3 - The cobra

position yoga contre douleurs regles

Lie on your stomach on a yoga mat. Lie down with the tops of your feet on the mat, pointing down.

Place your hands on either side of your body and on an inhale, push up with the palms of your hands. Raise your head and chest well.

Look straight ahead and take 10 deep, relaxing breaths.

And we don't forget to relax:

Despite what you may think, taking a bath during your period allows to reduce pain and relax the abdomen.

For a natural moment of relaxation, we advise you the damask rose bath bomb from Autour du bain ;

bombe de bain effervescente naturel rose de damas

This bath bomb enriched with shea butter was offers a relaxing while moisturizing the skin and leaving a satin effect.

100% natural and effervescent, it perfumes your bathroom with a delicate smell of Damascus rose, and transforms your bathtub into a field of flowers.

Whether it is during menstruation or not, we advise you to take care of yourself by giving you a relaxing all alone. The bath has remained for generations one of the most relaxing and effective beauty rituals to give yourself a boost.

You don't like the scent of Damascus rose: Discover our collection of natural and organic bath bombs.

You now know all our tips for make menstruation more enjoyable!

Take good care of yourself and don't forget to take time for yourself from time to time, it's very important. ❤️

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