My ritual for clear skin

Acne usually starts when hormones are on and usually goes away in adulthood. Whatever the severity of acne, it can be reduced by adopting a healthy lifestyle and a few basic actions.

Leave your buttons alone! If you touch them, it may make them worse and leave scars.

Cleanse your skin everyday, in the morning and in the evening to eliminate impurities such as pollution, excess sebum, make-up. Especially when you have oily skin. Choose products that are gentle, soap-free and without abrasive microbeads. On the other hand, there is no need to wash your skin ten times a day with the idea of degreasing the skin, it only aggravates the problem. By wanting to clean your face too much, you increase the secretion of sebum, reinforce the inflammation of the skin and delay its healing.

Pfor girls, prefer makeup and cosmetic products for acne-prone skin that are non-comedogenic and alcohol-free. For makeup removal, use a purifying lotion or micellar water suitable for oily skin.

For the boys, use a mechanical razor with three blades, in the direction of the hair, with a little irritant and antiseptic foam.  

Pay attention to your lifestyle. Avoid excess fats or sugars, tobacco which increases the manifestations of sebum retention (blackheads, microcysts) and considerably worsens acne problems. Finally, episodes of stress such as exams promote breakouts.

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