Mes Cosmetics Français is launching its concept store on September 16 at the Docks Village in Marseille

Many French people opt for organic foods in order to eat healthier and protect the planet. The next step after eating is to take an interest in what is on the skin.

Unfortunately, cosmetics are often loaded with compounds from petrochemicals, which can be irritants, allergens, and even endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. These interfere with the hormonal system, and should be avoided especially in toddlers, adolescents and pregnant women.

It is therefore to help consumers easily find healthy beauty products that Isabelle Vitalis has launched My French Cosmetics. Already available online, the range of organic and natural cosmetics is now available in a concept store at the Docks Village in Marseille.

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My French Cosmetics: a brand that defends French artisans

My French Cosmetics 's mission is to promote the offer of natural cosmetics from French artisans, in order to offer a real alternative to the offer of conventional cosmetics and to maintain local ecosystems.

The brand only selects organic and natural products made in France by local artisans. Today, it has access to about a hundred manufacturers, and shows about thirty of them in its e-shop and in its concept store.

The range of Mes Cosmétiques Français products is made up of shower and skin care essentials that families can share. "Why buy shampoo and shower gel for dad, one for mom and one for teenager when you can have just one? The advantage of organic and natural products is precisely that they are unisex, and without particular fragrances connoting the genre like conventional cosmetics ", explains the founder of the brand.

A concept store of a new kind

It is at the Docks Village, in the Joliette district, that the concept store Mes Cosmétiques Français will take up residence on September 16, 2019. This unique place gives pride of place to sensoriality, discussion and sharing.

It was designed to take visitors on a walk in Provence, in the Landes and on the Breton coasts. You can smell the scents of the different terroirs, discover new textures such as balm, solid shampoo and deodorant cream, recognize the components and raw materials, or learn how to make a toothpaste or a massage candle..

Isabelle Vitalis will also invite manufacturers and wellness specialists to her shop: we will be able to meet naturopaths, herbalists and aromatherapists, who will learn to care for the skin from the inside.

Three treatment areas

The concept store is organized into three areas:

  • A “Shower and care to share” area, arranged in five regional corners: Aquitaine, Brittany, Occitanie, Provence, and Rhône-Alpes. There you will find shower and treatment sets consisting of 5 treatments as well as individual products.
  • A “My care routines” space dedicated to each member of the family with seven boxes and individual products: Angel skin (Baby), Round belly (pregnant woman), Stop Bobos (Children), Clean Skin (Teen), Radiant face (Mum), Chewable legs (Mum), and Cotton Candy (Daddy).
  • A “zero waste” space with shower gel and shampoo dispenser, and basin for solid soap / shampoo, as well as a shower and special care set.

The concept store will also host events on well-being and zero waste bathrooms, and cosmetic workshops every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 12:30 p.m. and 2 p.m. with naturopaths, cosmeticians and experts.

At Mes Cosmétiques Français, we are committed to telling the stories of the products and highlighting their history and their manufacturing processes. Isabelle Vitalis

The ambitions of My French Cosmetics

The opening of the Marseille store is a pilot to build others in the big cities of each French region. Isabelle Vitalis's ambition is to make Mes Cosmétiques Français the leading retailer for French brands of natural and organic cosmetics, to promote their influence in France first, then abroad, and facilitate access. to the consumer.

To support its development, the brand is looking for investors as well as physical retail and CRM specialists.


About Isabelle Vitalis

Isabelle Vitalis arrived in the field of organic cosmetics after a rich and diverse career. She obtained her DESS in Telecoms and New Media Management at Paris-Dauphine in 2003, and for eight years held a project management and consulting position in digital transformation at Wavestone before working as marketing and e-commerce director at Solocal / Yellow Pages.

For fifteen years, Isabelle worked on major B2B digital transformation projects for large groups such as SNCF (e-ticket), Orange (launch of the operator in Tunisia), SFR (portal content management), and Gan Assurance (redesign of the website).

In 2017, she returned to school, and completed an Executive Master in Business Unit Management at HEC Paris. There she meets great people and teachers who encourage her to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure. She then decided to leave the capital to settle in the Aix-Marseille region, and founded Mes Cosmétiques Français.

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