Mes Cosmétiques Français celebrates the end of confinement and launches the summer season with 5 new 100% gourmet, 100% pep boxes!

That's it ! A breath of fresh air is blowing over France... Long live deconfinement! 

To mark the occasion, we have concocted a (big) surprise for you… The 100% Boxes!

After this gloomy period, what could be better than to bring back from good mood ? With our new boxes, fun is guaranteed : the blow like a on yoursummer before time! Find assortments of bath essentials to bring gaiety and colors in our bathrooms! Developed with artisans from Provence and Occitania, each box contains a unique olfactory and sensory signature !

 🧁 100% Gourmet with flavors of Passion Fruit, Monoi, Orange Blossom, Neroli, Vanilla, Caramel, Lemon Tart... All your senses will be delighted! 

🧖🏼‍♀️ 100% Sensory with products whose textures have been revisited: from l’effervescence with bath bombs, chantilly with shea butter, fondant with bath cupcakes, creamy to pass under our armpits, foaming with solid shampoos…

All this 100% organic, 100% natural and 100% French!

You too, does it give you pep?!

Fall for our new favorites that contain just incredible smells!


The 100% Passion organic box 



We start with our exotic box, the 100% Passion ! This is the cocktail of scents you need to go on vacation from your bathtub ! A delicious mix of exotic fruits… 🥭

Discover in this box a beauty routine fresh and greedy

  • MCF Beauty Ritual : We start by having a good bath run with our bath ball at the mango and fondant passion to immerse themselves in our little time of heaven… Then, we proceed to a sugar scrub and orange blossom to thoroughly exfoliate your skin and regain very soft skin. Finish by gently cleansing your skin with the Neroli and Ylang Ylang surgras soap. 

Result, a exotic moment of relaxation and soft, delicately scented skin. Watch out for compliments! 

The 100% Monoï organic box 

Coffret bio 100% MONOÏ - ZÉRO PLASTIQUE


Monoi fanatics, we have imagined THE ideal box for you!

Find your favorite summer smell through this 100% Monoi box and 0% waste! We have gathered our 3 favorite monoi products to concoct this little wonder for you! 

Inside, you will find:

  • and solid deodorant balm with super effective monoi against odors, which will leave a delicate monoi fragrance on your skin.
  • and natural solid shampoo that will make your hair soft, shiny and above all, deliciously scented.
  • A super nourishing whipped cream organic shea butter and monoi flower to nourish and hydrate your beautiful skin after a day at the beach. 

Imagine yourself on vacation… An evening on the beach, your tanned skin delicately perfumed with monoi, your hair which smells so good, dries with a light breeze… Can you smell that smell? Mixed with the sea breeze… Close your eyes… You are on vacation. 🌴

The 100% fruit organic box

Coffret bio 100% FRUITS - Pamplemousse, Fraise, Citron - ZÉRO PLASTIQUE

For those looking for a good dose of vitamins and energy, our 100% fruit box is made for you ! 🍓🍋

This fruit mix will be your multi-vitamin juice for the summer ! We have prepared with love this box with wonderful smells, inside you will find: 

  • A strawberry bath ball, this natural and effervescent bath bomb gives off a fruity and sweet smell that will captivate your bathroom and leave a delicate fragrance on your skin.
  • And grapefruit solid deodorant, who says summer says solid deodorant of course! This super effective deodorant balm against odors scented with grapefruit is just incredible, you have to test it to understand.
  • And solid lemon toothpaste, 100% natural, it is ideal for fresh breath and a healthy mouth! We love its little reusable metal cases. 
  • And strawberry fudge, our beloved “fraisy”! This little cupcake is our secret for a soft and sweet skin, strawberry flavored. We only have one desire, to bite into it! 

If you are looking for an original, vitaminized and colorful gift, the 100% fruit box is made for you! What could be better than a good fruit cocktail to celebrate deconfinement? 🍓


The 100% Floral organic box 

Coffret bio 100% FLEURI - Rose, Géranium - ZÉRO PLASTIQUE

Want sweetness? We have everything planned! With our 100% floral box, find our best products at exquisite scents flowers ! 🌸

Find our special spring body routine with: 

  • And surgras soap with geranium and pink clay, to gently cleanse your skin, moisturize it and delicately perfume it. 
  • A damask rose bath ball to enjoy a moment of relaxation and unique sweetness. It feels like being in a flowery park from our bathtub!
  • And solid deodorant with Geranium Rosat, to keep a fresh and delicate smell throughout the day.
  • And vintage rose fondant, our favorite cupcake to hydrate and smell delicious after a relaxing bath...

This box is ideal for sunny days! With spring and summer fast approaching, a fresh and flowery new beauty routine will do you the greatest good, right? 🌹


The 100% Gourmet Vanilla Caramel organic box 


Having fun while taking care of yourself has never been easier! Melt for our sweet darling, le 100% Vanilla Caramel box ... And rediscover the smells of your childhood!

Our favorite treats:

  • and vanilla sugar scrub for a exfoliation of absolute finesse and soft, satiny skin

  • and fondant with Bourbon Vanilla and shea butter which will leave the skin supple and perfectly hydrated for several days

  • a Vanilla Caramel bath ball which will immerse you in a bubble of caramelized relaxation

  • and surgras soap with almond milk and honey suitable for all skin types. Thanks to its extreme softness, this soap is recommended for fragile skin and itchy skin!

Relaxation (and peckishness) guaranteed!


The icing on the cake: these responsible and committed boxes are only developed with the know-how of craftsmen and made in France. Discover products without plastic or unnecessary ingredients, your skin and the planet will thank you!

So, what are the boxes that catch your eye 😉? 

Tell us all about Facebook,  Instagram and have fun!  

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