My routine for a radiant face 🌟

Tired of having a tired face when you wake up? Need to give your skin some pep? We give you our advice to have a radiant face 🌟

In the morning, erase the traces of fatigue with cold which activates blood circulation and decongests. Apply an ice cube slipped into a washcloth for 5 minutes under and on each eye.

Take the time to apply your moisturizing cream or balm from the inside of the face to the outside. Do not forget the eye area, the back of the neck and the neck, areas that are too often forgotten, on which the marks of time therefore tend to appear more quickly.

In the evening, remove your makeup, it’s almost the most important gesture of the day! First, massage your face with your finger with a fatty substance, such as cleansing oil. Then cleanse with soap to rid the skin of impurities removed by the oil and rinse with lukewarm water with a glove or cotton towel. Finally, apply a lotion to soften the skin after rinsing with water, and even moisturize your skin if needed.

Once or twice a week, perform a gentle scrub to exfoliate dead cells and make your skin breathe. Then carry out a steam bath to enhance the scrub effect. Heat some water, add plants or 3 drops of essential oils of super lavender, true lavender or Ho wood. Place your face over the bowl and cover your head for 10 minutes. Then, run your face with cold water to close the pores.

Once the exfoliation and the bath are done, place the mask ! Because your skin is then ready to absorb the maximum care you provide. Find one that's right for your skin type or what she needs right now!

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