My juice cure for beautiful skin

To get 2021 off to a good start after the holidays, I started a detox cure ☺️ !
For a month I'm a little routine dietetic and pleasure to help my liver eliminate toxins and waste that my body stores in spite of itself. The effects on my skin and my well-being are already being felt after barely a week!


How do I do my detox cure? Here are my little secrets: 

🌤In the morning before my breakfast, I drink a glass of water with some juice lemon 🍋, because:

  • Lemon helps the liver cleanse the body.
  • Grapefruit juice is also known to eliminate toxins.
To properly detoxify my body and prevent the appearance of pimples, I take Demain Beauty detox food supplements waking up with a glass of water.


☀️During the day, I drink herbal teas targeted for their action on the skin (burdock, wild pansy, elderberry, borage, nettle, dandelion, chamomile).

  • Drinking promotes the elimination of toxins by draining the kidneys 🍵
  • I vary with a roïboos or one green tea warm!


 ☀️ At lunch

  • I do the lots of fruits & vegetables of all colors (I'm not vegan but for a month it's zero fat meat, more fresh fish and eggs). 
  • I'm preparing a colorful plate 🥗: for example, salad of red cabbage and arugula, baked vegetables: fennel, broccoli, squash, potatoes, celery, turnips (in large cubes with a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkled with fresh herbs or 'spices, huumm!) and a scrambled egg or a piece of pan-fried white fish ...


☀️Au taste, I cook up a little fruit and vegetable juices that I embellish withspices and aromatics : turmeric, rosemary, cumin, dill for their purifying properties but also for the taste and color they give! 

Recipe ideas :

  • 🍏 cucumber juice, green apple and celery stalk with dill and cumin ... a treat!
  • 🥕 beetroot, carrot and turmeric juice
  • 🍊 orange juice, collard greens and rosemary (surprising but not bad!)


 ☀️ And for my skin, I continue to clean regularly! 

  • 1 scrub per week, I use the La Fare 1789 peeling mask with carrot, which purifies my face well,  
  • of small massages with the application of my serum (at the moment with the cold, I use the Belesa winter serum) and my day cream. 

I take a short break one or two days a week: no cream or serum (anyway my skin is well hydrated with my super serum ☺️) to let the skin make its protective layer on its own.


And by the way, why a month? It will be long ? 

Yes, but every day I discover new pleasures, so I don't feel frustrated! (I'll admit, I'll allow myself a square of chocolate if I really feel like it).

Finally 4 weeks, this is the time it takes for the cells of the epidermis to renew themselves. Roll on the end of the month to admire the results!

It's your turn to play now 😉

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