How to treat your skin with plants?

MCF welcomes "DermoPlant". This brand created by Roxana Berond comes straight from Silingy (74). Today, find out everything there is to know about DermoPlant and on the skin care exclusively thanks to plants.

The brand story

From an early age, Roxana Beraud was interested in benefits of plants on our skin. During her research on the ingredients of "natural" products she makes a discovery: The majority of cosmetics on the market contain chemical products which replace natural products. All this to reduce product production costs. She discovers many cosmetics which give themselves a "natural" image but which contain harmful pesticides or GMOs for our body and our skin.

It was following these discoveries that Roxana decided to found Dermoplant, her own brand of organic cosmetics to natural and eco-biological active ingredients accessible to all.

aloe vera

Her values

Dermoplant is a young brand full of ambitions and Roxana focuses its brand around 3 main values :  

  • Respect for man and the human body

She offers quality products which do not contain no dangerous ingredients for our health or for our skin. Thanks to products with compositions clean, you can use Dermoplant products with your eyes closed, without risk of adverse effects on your skin.

  • Respect for the land and nature

Dermoplant undertakes to use natural, organic and locally grown ingredients. Indeed, the company sources its ingredients taking into account its carbon footprint. It promotes the use locally grown ingredients, in the south of France.

  • Respect for consumption

In order to respect the consumption and purchasing power of its consumers, Dermoplant promotes shortest supply chains and minimalist formulas in order to offer affordable prices and stay accessible to everyone.

The brand is therefore committed to developing quality products, made in France, certified without parabens, phthalates, petrochemical oils, paraffin, silicones, alcohol-based perfumes, PEG, SLS, OGM, iingredients of animal origin (except beeswax).

As a testament to its quality, Dermoplant promises:

  • 95% minimum ingredients natural, come from agriculture organic controlled and/or controlled wild cultivation.
  • 99,54% ingredients are original natural.
  • 95,14% ingredients plants are from the'Organic Agriculture.

Thanks to Dermoplant, you have the certainty of consuming quality products, without risk for your skin, free of controversial ingredients and at the right price!

Son concept

Dermoplant wishes to develop herbal cosmetics who care effectively skin problems. For the founder, plants are as effective against skin problems as chemical products, less side effects.

With this in mind, it has developed cosmetics without allergens, without essential oils which corresponds to all skins, even the most intolerant in order to fight naturally against your skin problems.

A simple concept: replacing the controversial ingredients harmful to our skin by natural and very effective plant active ingredients.

Each plant has cosmetic virtues own who fight against frequent skin problems. Roxana decided to put the plant powers at the service of our skin through specialized product ranges that fight against the most common skin problems: eczema, acne, wrinkles, tightness, dryness...

Thanks to dermatological tests carried out on each range, the effectiveness of the products is proven and the problems targeted are dealt with quickly.

Elaborate pure cosmetics from the finest nutrient-rich plant juices or extracts. In order to offer truly effective products, Dermoplant does not dilute its products and does not use no fillers like water.

Treat eczema and acne

The silver CIC range is ideal for gently treat skin diseases such as eczema or acne. This product line is a cross between cosmetics and medicine.

Ideal for sensitive, intolerant, problem skin that react badly to traditional cosmetics.

Thanks to its components anti-inflammatory, regenerating, moisturizing and nourishing, this range is suitable for all skin types and effectively heals all skin problems.

CicArgent serum

Indispensable for acne-prone, sensitive and intolerant skin. This serum heals and calms the irritation and itching while protecting your skin against external attacks.

CicArgent cream

creme anti eczema

For an effective beauty routine, complete it with the CicArgent cream. Her light and pleasant texture penetrates deep into the epidermis to care for and protect her.

on rich formula alleviates eczema, inflammatory dermatitis and rosacea. Ideal for strengthen the skin's self-protection, calm and restore the balance of the skin.


Effective anti-aging

The Céleste range is made from highly effective anti-aging agents :

  • Hibiscus extract also known as "natural botox"
  • The hexapeptides who limit contractions facial muscles responsible for the formation of wrinkles
  • Hyaluronic acid which moisturizes all the layers of the epidermis and forms a protective film on our skin

The synthesis of these three active ingredients make them lifting products to the effect « Botox-like » Natural.

Heavenly Lifting Serum

serum anti age

Thanks to its rich formula, it provides hydration, suppleness and softness to the skin. Apply it regularly on the face, neck and chest to strengthen the elasticity of your skin.

Intense hydration                      

HydraIntense is THE range you need to fast and lasting hydration of your skin.

Its formula based on 3 different hyaluronic acid molecules and aloe vera juice is perfect for a intensive hydration.

Hydra Intense Serum

serum hydratation

This serum is a hydration booster for the skin. In addition, it prevents the signs of aging by fighting against cell dehydration.

on texture gel non grasse is quickly absorbed by the skin and does not leave no unpleasant feeling on the face.

Hydra Intense cream

For multiply the effects of the serum, adopt the HydraIntense cream:

creme hydratation

on fluid texture leave her radiant and fresh skin for the day. She protected external attacks thanks to the thin protective barrier it leaves on the skin.

She prevents dehydration of the epidermis and allows hydration and nutrition intense.

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