Family beauty gestures

We are sure that you, too, have already smeared your day cream on your partner's cheeks because their skin is dry in winter. Or brushed your body cream on your children's ... At that moment, did it ever occur to you that your care was or was not adapted to their skin and their needs?

Mes Cosmétiques Français provides you with good advice so that you can share your care with your family, rationalize the number of products to buy and why not save money at the same time!


We women use more than fifteen cosmetic products a day: shower gel, toothpaste, day and night cream, shampoos, make-up ...

To avoid building up harmful ingredients on your skin, use good quality skin care products. The good habit is to choose products that are at least natural, at best organic, in which the amount of undesirable ingredients remains limited and controlled. You will be able to benefit your spouse or your children of these healthy cosmetics.

To do this, you must first make sure that the products are suitable for the whole family by checking that the list of ingredients does not contain ingredients that are prohibited for either side. For example, essential oils are to be avoided or even banned for pregnant women, children and allergic skin, especially if they are used daily. The same applies to the presence of perfumes… Delicate or allergic skin is better off without perfume because it is sensitizing or allergenic.  

Let's take a tour of your bathroom.

Shower gel or soap for the whole family is still easier and takes up less space in the bathroom, right?

Then choose your shower gel sulfate-free such as ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate, which are irritating to the skin.

For the bars of soap, prefer real surgras soaps resulting from a cold saponification and naturally rich in hydrating glycerin.

About the shampoosIt is true that within the same family, the nature of hair can be very different between mom with dry hair, teenager with oily hair and dad who just wants a shampoo that washes. Take a mild, sulfate-free, silicone-free shampoo with one or two plant extracts. It will suit the whole family. Then, everyone will bring a conditioner adapted to their needs.

Finally, a cream that your husband may bite you after shaving to prevent redness and dryness can be a good way to finally allow him to take care of himself without you running after him. And if you have toddlers, they will certainly be very happy to use "Mommy's Cream" when they have dry skin or the lip balm when they are chapped.

For these creams, choose more products with short ingredient lists and preferably without emulsifier such as PEG or PPG, from petrochemicals.


To summarize, favor products without allergenic or irritating raw materials, whose composition is quite short and exclude formulas containing compound chemical names, often from petrochemicals (example: names with a hyphen like ceteareth-60 or olive oil-PEG 12).

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