The benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables in cosmetics

Did you know that fresh fruits and vegetables have health effects? very positive on our health but also on our skin? In this article, we show you the beauty secrets of your favorite fruits and vegetables.

The fresh mark: Freedge

And if you nourish your skin ? And that's not a way of speaking. Discover Freege, this French brand concocts cosmetic products made from ffruits and fresh seasonal vegetables.

Freege is 3 founders: Laurence, Fabrice and Arnaud who imagined innovative cosmetics produced exclusively from juices and purées of fresh fruits and vegetables. A brand full of freshness perfect to enter the beautiful days.


Why fresh fruits and vegetables?

Using fresh fruits and vegetables in cosmetics helps to preserve all the benefits and all the virtues of these. Indeed, fruits and vegetables contain nutrients which are difficult to find in conventional cosmetic active ingredients.

The plants are cold pressed daily to ensure freshness ingredients and to offer effective skincare products.


What assets?

Freedge cosmetics are made from fresh seasonal vegetables to the various virtues. Beetroot, carrot, plum, or even cucumber, discover the benefits of each of these fruits and vegetables on your skin.


The clementine: The good-looking ally

Clementine is a very popular winter fruit for its mild sweet and tangy taste. But it also contains cosmetic virtues still too little used.

Indeed, this fruit has purifying and purifying properties by his vitamin concentration. It is perfect for take care of oily skin and/or acne. Clementine gives an effect smoother and sharper to the skin. The clementine contains more than 100 nutrients excellent for our health and our skin.

That's why Freedge created its "Clementine in all its states" box from fresh clementine juice.


This beauty routine composed of 6 fresh products will revolutionize your skincare habits. Enjoy a complete, energizing and fresh routine with :

  • A cleansing balm
  • A fresh complexion 3-in-1 lotion
  • A gentle scrub
  • A good-looking mask
  • A good-looking serum
  • Bonus: Reusable cleaning wipes

Beets and their antioxidant power 

If you need to give back to your skin radiance and freshness, we strongly advise you to adopt beets. This vegetable is full of super effective antioxidant active ingredients to preserve the youth capital of your skin.

Discover all the benefits of beets, black grapes and other market vegetables in the Freege Organic Antioxidant Routine:

This skincare routine brings together the antioxidant actions beets, black grapes, plums and apples. Coupled with the benefits of Q10, from vitamins A and E but also lycopenes, your skin will regain all its freshness and radiance.

5 fresh and natural products for an innovative routine with almost immediate benefits:

  • A cleansing balm
  • A 3-in-1 lotion
  • A rinse-off mask
  • An antioxidant serum
  • A cream jelly


Would you like to try a new beauty routine based on fresh fruits and vegetables? Quickly discover the entire range of Freege products!

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