What are the benefits of the rose?

We have dedicated our May box to flower-enriched treatments and more particularly in rose water. Why ? Because this cosmetic active ingredient is full of benefits for our body that we are going to present to you in this article. Known since the dawn of time and sometimes forgotten, rose water is a real cosmetic treasure that we must reintegrate into our beauty routine. Curious to discover all the secrets of the rose? Make yourself comfortable and we'll explain it all to you.


What are the benefits of rose for the skin?

The rose in its various states holds benefits for our skin. It is used in particular on the face and it is present in many creams for its virtues:

  • Anti-aging : Thanks to his antioxidant action, rose is an active ingredient widely used in creams and anti-aging care. Its concentration of powerful antioxidants fight against premature aging skin, so she limits the appearance of wrinkles and firms the skin.
  • Moisturizing: The rose has properties softening and regenerating who bring comfort but also of elasticity to dry skin, it thus takes care to keep a skin well hydrated.
  • Toning: The rose is one of the most used active ingredients for revive the shine natural skin. It naturally contains toning active ingredients who bring a healthy glow effect to complexion. She is also very refreshing, guaranteed boost!
  • Purifying: His actions purifying and astringent are ideal for tighten pores and limit excess sebum, this is why the rose is also highly recommended if you have oily skin.
  • Soothing: Very useful for fight against external aggressions (wind, pollution...) it allows you to quickly calm reactions skin like redness.


For what skin types?

The rose is suitable for all skin types! Although it is particularly suitable for mature, dry and sensitive skin, it will also be able to adapt to the needs of oilier skin.


If I have mature skin?

The rose will fight against skin aging thanks to its powerful antioxidant action. We recommend that you integrate it into your beauty routine, whether in the form of rose water, essential oil, or even thanks to a cream enriched with rose active ingredient, you will quickly see positive effects on the signs of age.


If I have dry and sensitive skin?

The actions moisturizing, soothing and softening of the rose will know how to fill you. She will take care for your skin gently to fight against external aggressions, dehydration but also against the harmful effects of the sun. Indeed, rose water is a great after sun care for calmer l’inflammation.


If I have oily skin?

Purifying, the rose will help you reduce excess sebum and tighten your pores to limit the accumulation of sebaceous filaments at the level of the T zone and which gives a neglected appearance. These filaments are often confused with black spots and settle in the open pores on our face. Using rose water will allow you to tighten your pores to prevent them from building up on your face.


In what format, for what action?

Rose water or rose hydrosol

Rose water, also known as rose hydrosol is recognized for its action astringent, invigorating and refreshing. She soothes quickly and perfumes the skin leaving a fresh and subtle scent on the face.

She sprays on her face at the end of your beauty routine to help other products penetrate well and quickly refresh your complexion. It is also very useful for fight against premenstrual syndrome (fatigue, irritability, sensitive skin...), cramps or bad mood.


Damask rose essential oil

Astringent, tonic and regenerating, this essential oil is widely recognized for reduce redness or stretch marks. A little damask rose essential oil in your cosmetics will bring soothing and protective properties to these. It is also a powerful psycho-emotional harmonizing.


How to use rose water?

Rose water can be used in several ways on the face, skin or hair. This hydrosol, rich in cosmetic virtues, fulfills on its own the role of several beauty products.


  • While removing makeup: Rose water can be used to gently remove make-up sensitive skin. Mix it with sweet almond oil as well as a little castor oil to create your effective and gentle make-up remover!
  • In tonic lotion: Using a cotton ball or directly spraying it on your face, rose water will make a perfect toner for your skin.
  • In rinse water: Tap water (in the absence of an adequate filter) is very calcareous. You can use rose water in rinse water to rinse off all traces of limescale that may remain on your face after washing it off.
  • In your day cream: You can also add a little rose water in your day cream to enjoy the virtues of this water without disrupting your habits and your beauty routine. A few drops are enough to provide regenerating, moisturizing and purifying actions to your cream.
  • In your bath water: Pour a few drops of rose water into your bath for a reviving effect, purifying and a small flowery smell.
  • Caring for your scalp: Spray a few drops of rose water on your scalp then massage it for a few minutes for soothe and purify it. This allows to fight against dandruff and find a completely clean and healthy scalp.


When to put rose water on the face?

We advise you to apply a little rose water on your face morning and evening. This water is the ally for a radiant complexion, apply it daily will allow you to find a beautiful complexion, smooth and soft skin without imperfections. Apply it with a cotton ball or spray on your clean face.


How to choose the right rose water or oil?

In order to take advantage of all the virtues of rose water, it is necessary to ensure that it is natural, organic and well elaborated. Rose water is a powerful active ingredient and you have to pay attention to the composition of the product, otherwise there is a risk of a skin reaction. This is why we have selected natural, organic rose products that are safe for your skin.


Organic Damascus rose water from Savonnerie Champagne

This pure rose water is ideal for take care of your skin gently. Son recyclable glass bottle with spray is very practice for easily apply rose water. Enjoy all the benefits inexpensive organic rose water.


Damascus rose essentials body balm

This balm rich in Argan kernel vegetable oil is ideal for protecting, revitalizing and deeply nourishing the epidermis. It is particularly recommended for dry and damaged skin who are in great need of nutrition. Enriched with essential oil and Damascus rose powder, find all the benefits of this active ingredient in this balm.


Benevolent anti-stretch mark oil from neobulle

Damascus rose vegetable oil is ideal for fight against stretch marks. This is why this neobulle oil is enriched with damask rose oil, apricot kernels and jojoba. A real wellness cocktail to prevent stretch marks. This oil anti stretch marks can be used from 3 months of pregnancy to effectively prevent pregnancy-related stretch marks.


Rose & jojoba organic anti-aging oil from Plantes des Cévennes

The ally of mature skin, this care oil anti-aging with rose and jojoba is a real elixir of youth for prevent and limit the signs of aging on your skin. This oil 100% natural to firm and purify your skin while providing action anti-rides and an lasting hydration without leaving a greasy effect.

You now know all the benefits of rose water, discover our relaxation and well-being box for the month of May and enjoy 4 skincare products for a soft and flowery routine!

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