Our selection of winter care for dry and sensitive skin

Grrrr ... that's it, the cold is coming. And in winter, the skin is abused, we do not really know if it curdles or if it feels tight. For us, it's obvious, it's tight!

From the first cold, the skin tightens and reddens in places. This added to the temperature differences between indoor and outdoor and new eating habits, the result: the skin is dehydrated.

What to do ? Adapt your skincare routine with organic and natural cosmetics for dry and sensitive skin.

Mes Cosmétiques Français has selected organic and made in France balms, creams and serums that will meet your needs. 



The Bonne Mine balm: the skin wants more!

Baume "Bonne mine" régénérant et émollient - Sans huiles essentielles - Peau sèche - Les Mains Sales - 30 mL

Balm Looking good is perfect for protecting the skin from the harsh cold winter air. Its formula composed of shea and cocoa butters, carrot macerate and macadamia oils, makes it nourishing, regenerating and protective. Made in the Puy-de-Dôme, you will discover a new way to take care of your skin. Apply in the morning for a protective effect all day long or in the evening to nourish the skin.


Balms En Douce Heure: nourishing treatments made in Dordogne

Balm Repairing propolis is the right care for dry or cold-sensitized skin. It combines propolis with healing properties, shea butter which nourishes and beeswax which protects. Its light scent of mandarin and chamomile will also soothe your mind for beautiful winter days. Apply morning and evening, focusing on sensitive areas.

Balm Lavender Grape is the care of dry skin in need of good hydration. Made from shea butter, beeswax and grape seed oil, it will charm you with its sweet scent of lavender and verbena. To be applied in the morning and in the evening.


Balm Sweetness is the balm intended for dry or atopic skin. It is suitable for the whole family thanks to its organic formula combining chamomile and calendula macerate. The skin is protected and hydrated durably to no longer feel dry areas. To apply morning and evening at will!



The optimist: organic nourishing cream by Les Happycuriennes

Cream The Optimist nourishes, soothes and gently softens dry and sensitive skin. Composed of 100% organic grand cru vegetable oils, derived from plum almond and oleic sunflower seeds, this cream is a concentrate of omega 3, 6, 9 and natural vitamin E.


Belesa Esclaire Cream Made in Cévennes 

Crème visage essentielle "Esclaire" - Belesa - 50 mL

Cream Esclaire deeply hydrates your skin. Its composition is based on active Cevennes: exdash of chestnut, reinette apple juice from vigan, honey, hemp oil and picholine olive oil. It provides hydration and softness to the skin. Regenerating and antioxidant, you can use it in the morning and in the evening.


Oceopin anti-aging cream


La Crème Anti-âge - Peau sensible - Océopin - 50 mL

Cream Océopin is ideal for sensitive or dehydrated skin. Crowned by the trophy of cosmetic excellence in 2018-2019, its formula organic, rich in maritime pine seed oil®, camelina, blue dune thistle, brings suppleness and radiance to your skin. Optimal anti-aging hydration to use morning and evening.


Organic serums

To be used pure or added to your day cream, the serums have a finer and more oily texture. Their goal is rapid absorption by the skin for an immediate regenerating effect.

Belesa Iver face serum

Sérum visage Hiver - Belesa - 30 mL

Serum Iver  is a concentrate of vegetable oils from the Cévennes: sweet almond oil, picholine olive oil, coconut oil and calophyllum oil. Its rich formula provides optimal hydration and blood circulation stimulation for skin with renewed radiance. Use in the morning before your cream and all year round for dry skin.


Oden French Plum Botanical Oil 

Huile de Prune française - peau sèche - Oden - 30 mL

The oil Oden is made almost exclusively from plum kernel oil. Very rich in vitamin E, it acts on the skin's natural lipid layer to promote natural radiance. Dry skin is therefore hydrated and durably protected. To be used in the morning or in the evening by heating a few drops between your fingers before application.


And if you are still hesitating between a balm and a cream, here we explain the difference.

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