Why opt for a solid perfume?

Have you ever tried solid perfume? An alternative to our usual perfume with many advantages still too little known! In this article, we tell you all about solid perfumes: what is it, what benefits, how to apply it well and how to choose it well!


What is a solid perfume?

Solid perfume has existed since Ancient Egypt, more than 5,000 years ago. It was created with vegetable oils who scented and nourished the skin. In recent years, some companies have decided to bring this type of perfume up to date. better for our skin and for the environment.

This type of perfume is created from wax, butter or vegetable oil, thus, it is a nourishing fragrance which does not irritate the skin and which is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It is usually in the form of a small stick easy to carry and apply.


What are the benefits of solid perfume?

You can take it anywhere

Solid perfumes are generally in stick form. It makes them very easily portable and you can take it everywhere with you in the slipping in your bag. Moreover, impossible for it to overturn or that it leaks into your bag given its compact form.

It does not contain alcohol

Solid perfumes are made from wax, butter or vegetable oil and contain no or very little alcohol. This composition healthier compared to our usual perfumes allows to wear solid perfumes in the sun without the risk of stains appearing on our skin or our clothes. In addition, these perfumes are perfect for people who have a sensitive and/or reactive skin.

It lasts long on the skin

Thanks to its composition based bold elements such as wax or vegetable butter and the absence of alcohol, solid perfume does not evaporate and it lasts longer on the skin. So you can enjoy a good smell for longer.

It is economical

Solid perfumes are economic. Indeed, you can enjoy a natural perfume, which lasts a long time at a lower cost when compared to liquid perfumes which are made from alcohol and water and which are cheaper and more volatile raw materials.

It is eco-friendly

on natural composition based on wax, butter and vegetable oil is more ecological than the composition of the base perfumes. Solid perfumes are natural and organic perfumes made from plant ingredients to take care for your skin and the planet.


How to choose the right solid perfume?

To choose the right solid perfume, you must make sure that it is:

  • Natural, without controversial ingredients for do not attack your skin
  • Made in France to operate the local and the short circuit
  • In a practical packaging to take it everywhere and apply it easily

Also make sure that all the notes of the perfume suit you. The perfume changes throughout the day and it won't smell the same on your skin the moment you put it on as a few hours after. This is why it is important to always look base notes perfume which can sometimes be very different from the top or heart notes.


How to apply its solid perfume?

The solid perfume applies all over the body, since it does not contain alcohol, you can perfume sensitive or irritated areas of your skin without risk of tingling. We advise you to apply the perfume on the body hot spots for a better spread : the temples, the neck, the base of the neck, the inside of the elbows...



At MCF, we have selected the solid perfumes of the Le secret naturelle brand. Perfumes made in Provence with carefully selected ingredients. Discover their various captivating and natural scents:


This solid care perfume will leave a delicate holiday scent on the skin. His warm and exquisite notes vanilla flowers and tiara are perfect for a delicate floral scent. Combined with freesia and bergamot flowers, this sweet and fresh fragrance is ideal for sunny days.

  • top note : Carrot juice - bergamot
  • heart notes : Freesia - Tuberose - carrot seeds 
  • Background notes : Vanilla - Solar


A solid perfume with delicious smells of green mandarin and wild cherry. of nfruity and refreshing notes energized with subtle spicy and sparkling accords. A real vitamin cocktail and greedy, very fresh for a summer at the top. Always with 100% natural ingredients and 87% organic ingredients!

  • top note : Green mandarin - orange - aromatic plants
  • heart notes : Wild cherry - cinnamon - black pepper
  • Background notes : Cedar - Vetiver - Vanilla


The essences of Mint and Osmanthus mingle with delicacy with flowery heart notes of water lily and jasmine on a tender background of peony. This perfume brings the softness of a caress on our skin. He leaves a light floral aura divine on the body that will bewitch you to make you travel in a field of flowers.
  • Top Note: Mint - Pumpkin - osmanthus
  • heart notes : Water lily - patidou - Jasmine
  • Background Notes: White rose - peony - plant sap

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