French Red and vegetable coloring

Did you know that 95% of color in cosmetics comes from chemicals like petroleum? Luckily at MCF, we have found you natural cosmetics without any traces of petroleum or chemicals! Discover the revolutionary technology Le Rouge Français and their vegetable cosmetics !


Élodie and the French Red

To understand the history of Rouge Français, you need to know the background of Élodie, the founder. Elodie is biotechnology engineer, always passionate about entrepreneurship, 

It was during her pregnancy that she decided to create Le Rouge Français. Very concerned about her diet and the products she uses on her skin during her pregnancy, she analyzes the formulation of her lipstick and her makeup essentials and makes the observation that we all know. 

Not to say goodbye to her femininity, she embarks on the development of lipsticks based on plant pigments, free of harmful or animal substances. It was after 18 months of research and development that she launched Le Rouge Français in October 2018.


Plant coloring

Le Rouge Français has developed a unique process which consists in extract and infuse the pigmentation and virtues of plants in cosmetics. With plant extracts such as madder, achiote, sorghum, indigo, damask rose or hibiscus, they concoct natural and highly pigmented cosmetics!

In addition, the plants and flowers that make up these cosmetics provide naturally good virtues for our skin.

All of the brand's cosmetics are developed without mica, a component used in a very large part of cosmetics for its glitter effect. Élodie decided to exclude it from her compositions because the mica recovery processes are still linked to child slavery.

The colorants used in Le Rouge Français lipsticks are 100% vegan. Thus, their products are devoid of any dye of animal origin such as cochineal. Also, to replace the animal leather present in a large part of the lipsticks on the market, they use rice wax or even of apple skin.

Curious to see what such alternatives can yield? We'll show it to you right away!


Iconic lipsticks

The one and only : The French Red 010

rouge francais

The perfect red! This intense lipstick contains only natural plant pigments. It is thanks to the madder of the dyers (Rubia tinctorum) that we obtain this lively and bewitching color. The madder of the dyers is a plant very cultivated and very used for the red dye which extracts from its rhizomes. This plant is rich in active ingredients recognized by their biological properties.

Its natural and gentle formula based on shea butter, jojoba oil and vegetable rice wax makes this lipstick a real care product for the lips. Find thus repaired, supple and hydrated lips.


The powerful and captivating red: Alizarin red 011

rouge alizarine

This lipstick is ideal for seductresses: Glamorous, elegant and sensual. This charmer red comes from the combination of organic red pigments and alizarin. It takes its name from this plant from the madder of the dyers. Legend has it that the magnificent Queen Cleopatra used alizarin to beautify her lips in Ancient Egypt.

Le Shea Butter gently repairs and nourishes the lips, apricot, sunflower and castor oils provide softening and antioxidant properties. As to vegetable waxes of rice, candelilla and carnauba, they protect and soften the lips.


The rosy nude: Nude Neitsabes 033


Want a light, angelic pink? The Neïtsabes nude is perfect for you! This lipstick is the perfect blend of two natural tinting pigments:

  • The pink madder
  • Ladies' Rose

Thanks to the power of tinctorial plants, this lipstick offers a natural color that varies according to the natural PH of your skin! A unique lipstick that will reveal your beauty!


Soft and feminine pink: Liandre pink 040

rose licandre

It is the ideal color to reveal your sweetness and your tenderness. Its pigments from gall nut contain incredible biological virtues.

on delicate texture to silky, pearly finish is very comfortable to wear. Its gentle formula, rich in nourishing agents such as shea butter, apricot, sunflower and castor oils, as well as vegetable rice wax, keeps your lips soft and protected throughout the day.


To be even more beautiful

Élodie still has many surprises in store for you with her new products: mascaras, eye liners with natural plant pigments and the latest, a lip oil to reveal all your beauty naturally.


Sumptuous eyelashes

Discover Le Rouge Français mascaras, made from natural indigo. Their natural formulas based on Roman chamomile hydrosol, jojoba and castor oils as well as carnauba vegetable wax are perfect for beautifying your eyelashes without damaging them.

This care formula respects sensitive eyes to bring length and volume to your lashes without clumping. 

Discover the 2 colors of Le Rouge Français natural mascaras.

Black Cassiopeia 410

mascara noir intense

The invincible. An intense black mascara for fiery eyes. Its 3D brush increases the volume and length of your lashes while avoiding clumps.

Berenice Blue 420

mascara bleu

To break the routine and add a little pep to your make up. Discover a dark blue to accentuate your look while adding a colorful touch.

A doe look

To beautify your look, Le Rouge Français has concocted indigo-based eyeliner for intense and natural pigmentation. Formulated with barley straw hydrosol and castor oil to nourish and revitalize your skin.


Le Noir Cephe 510

For an intense gaze, discover the black eyeliner Céphé. Thanks to its tapered and refined brush, this eyeliner is easy to apply for a precise line the first time.


The Blue Orion 520

Discover a beautiful blue to accentuate your look by adding color. Ideal for festive make-up that is out of the ordinary.


Organic lip oil

For shiny, hydrated and protected lips, discover the lip oil of Rouge Français "Nectar des lips Pasiphaé »

huile a levres

This lip oil 100% natural, based on coconut oil, jojoba, sweet almond and argan, is a revitalizing cocktail for your lips. The addition of probiotics gives it virtues softening and protective for nourished lips all winter long.


Fancy a makeover this winter? Discover the entire Le Rouge Français range.

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