VOTE for the Naturo board of Wednesday 4/12!

With Ingrid who is a naturopath, we decided to give you natural tips every 2 weeks. which, coupled with appropriate beauty and hygiene treatments will make your life smoother.

And because advice is never so well listened to that when it is asked, you are asked to vote for the subject that interests you the most among: 

1️⃣ How to pamper your skin in response to the cold 

2️⃣ How to boost your immunity as winter approaches

On your marks, get set, vote! 

👉 Your votes in comments, type 1️⃣ or 2️⃣ (it's like on TV 😀).

👉 End of the votes Sunday evening.



Anne November 29, 2019

Le 1 c’est bien

Yohan November 29, 2019

Je vote pour chouchouter une peau hyper réactive🤗 qq soit le temps!!! N°1. Bien à vous🌺.

Odile Moya November 29, 2019


Vitalis November 29, 2019

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