Go on vacation with our special Sport and Hiking kits

Vacations don't have to be all about the beach, rest and naps! For some, it is an opportunity to go on an adventure and discover new landscapes, new cities, practice unusual sporting activities and unusual! This is why we have developed special kits for a sports summer which is going well. Discover our new summer kits to enjoy a summer full of sensations safely !


The athlete's kit

A kit with 3 well-being essentials for a sporty summer in complete serenity! We have chosen practical formats which will be easy to take with you everywhere for this sporty summer!

In this kit, find a soap 2-in-1 shampoo thanks to his practical size slips easily into your travel bag, plus there's no chance of it leaking and getting stores easily in its cardboard box. He cleans face, body and hair smoothly thanks to gentle formula.

Second essential of our sports kit; the solid deodorant balm scent mint and lavender to stay fresh and clean throughout your journey! Her formula vegan enriched with shea butter, babassu oil and jojoba vegetable wax actually a real one moisturizer in order to fight against odors without attacking your skin. Moreover, it is recommended in case of shaving or waxing, ideal for the summer when we often have to remove our hair!

How to spend a quiet sports summer without Naturaloe's thermo gel warming gel? This warming body gel based on aloe vera is an excellent anti-inflammatory. It provides quick relief muscle aches, joints and body aches.

On application, it brings a instant feeling of freshness followed by a feeling of warmth. You can also use it as preparation care in the effort of muscle recovery.

You will therefore find in our sports box 3 essential products to practice sport serenely this summer, practical formats and to simple and natural compositions.

You want more tips on the best practices to adopt to resume sport serenely and relax your muscles effectively? Check out our blog post about it.


The hiker's kit

Holidays are a great way to discover new landscapes through hiking in the mountains or by the sea. Unfortunately, these little getaways can be dangerous, especially in the summer: sunburn, insect bites, burns... So to enjoy family hikes in peace this summer, we have concocted a special hiking kit with 3 natural and super effective skincare products.

First, we chose the organic repairing balm for feet, hands and body. During your excursions, it is not impossible that you scratch your hands, your legs or that your feet are painful because of a long walk. This balm based on jojoba enriched with 5 essential oils created a protective layer on your skin to ensure your hydration and repair of desired areas.

5 essential oils very carefully chosen for their properties respective:

  • Lavender essential oil: anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, healing, hypotensive and balancing
  • Tea tree essential oil: antibacterial, antiviral and heals the skin of all types of aggressions.
  • Rosemary essential oil: powerful antibacterial, mucolytic, muscle tonic
  • Sage officinalis essential oil: revitalizing, purifying and balancing
  • Wintergreen essential oil: analgesic effects and anti-inflammatory, painkiller and antispasmodic. Widely used for inflammatory pain and the muscle aches.


2th essential part of our hiker's kit; the gel balm for burns, insect bites and sunburn of naturalness. This balm is your ally to overcome all the dangers of your summer hikes. Its formula enriched with repairing and healing active ingredients as the fresh aloe vera juice, floral water of orange blossom, chamomile or witch hazel makes it a powerful ally against possible minor inconveniences.

Thus, it effectively fights against minor burns, insect bites, sunburn, minor shocks, strains, etc. Ideal for all the little sores we advise you to always have it on you.

Small +: you can use it in face mask in the leaving 15 to 20 minutes once a week.


Our best summer ally, SPF 50+ sunscreen & stick duo. For you properly protect sun and rays UVA & UVB. Son practical size allows it to be applied as well as Solar cream on the body than in a stick for sensitive areas like the lips, the nose or even the cheekbones. Her natural formula a base organic sunflower oil, virgin apricot kernel oil and organic safflower is a perfect blend to protect your skin while the moisturizer.


Here you have all the keys to spend a summer visiting, walking, canoeing, and any other activity that makes you happy! Discover all our organic care sets made in France.

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